July 8, 2024


“Ebeling is a scholar of distinction and writes on a subject of stature.”
― Geoffrey Bromiley, Christianity Today

“This ‘introduction’ to Luther’s way of thinking is a series of commentaries on the main themes of Luther’s thought: letter and spirit; law and gospel; person and work; faith and love; the kingdom of Christ and the world; Christian man and secular man; God hidden and revealed. The themes are introduced by aptly chosen passages from Luther’s writings and they are discussed with a theological shrewdness which is born of a thorough acquaintance with Luther, the creative theologian, and an intense participation in the theological struggles of today…. This is a very suggestive and rewarding book.”
― Wilhelm Pauck, Theology Today

“Gerhard Ebeling will be remembered as one of the most distinguished and influential theologians of the twentieth century…. The unity among theological profundity, ethical sensitivity, human wisdom, and the refined style of his German prose constitutes a permanent intellectual treasure to be gratefully enjoyed time and again as we enter into the uncertainties of the new millennium.”
― Hans Dieter Betz, The Journal of Religion

“Ebeling does more than interpret and relate Luther’s thought for us, he actually introduces us to Luther himself…. He furthers our understanding of both Luther and the contemporary hermeneutical issues by dealing with the way Luther grasped and spoke the word of God.”
― Carter Lindberg, Interpretation

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