NY Gov Declares Emergency Before A Single Known Case Of Omicron Variant In USA

Red Voice Media | by Zach Heilman | November 27, 2021

Big Media out of New York jumped into the fear porn of the supposed ‘New COVID’ Omicron Variant with both feet.

They started with all the narrative talking points to back New York State Governor Kathy Hochul’s declaration of an emergency before jumping straight into the jabbing of children.

Big Media loves Big Pharma, and Big Pharma loves Big Media.

Here’s the basic storyline of this clip. Emergency. Be afraid. Just kidding. No cases in New York. Be afraid anyway. Reinfection risk high. Travel bans. Be afraid. 50 variants. Could escape immunity. Anyway, they jabbed 200 kids in a science experiment. Celebrate child experiments. New COVID. Be afraid. 10-year-old jabbed. Ease COVID concern. Just kidding. New COVID. Be afraid. Dr. is not sure if current jabs work for ‘New COVID.’ Be afraid. Biden doesn’t know much but be afraid. Let’s have an ‘Africa Travel ban’ to spread fear, but wait until Monday. (I called this racist and xenophobic when Trump was President, but that doesn’t matter because Big Media is corrupt and has my back) Variants forever. Be afraid. Yeah, I jabbed my 5-year old for a science experiment.  Maybe the pandemic can be over. Our kids will realize how proud we are. Inject experimental drugs.

Natalie Pasquarella: Governor Kathy Hochul just declared a state of emergency in New York. This is ahead of that new COVID variant of concern which is centered around South Africa right now. Now, it’s important to note at this point, it has not been found in New York, but the governor says it’s coming. Now experts say the reinfection risk is very high. So on Monday, the U.S. has announced it will restrict travel from eight African nations. Health officials say that the Omicron variant has 50 mutations, and there are some worries that it could escape immunity. A lot of questions still with this now. Meanwhile, on Long Island, some of the 200 kids who participated in a clinical trial for the COVID vaccine are now fully vaccinated.

Notice the direct shift from very high infection risk, travel bans, 50 mutations, and escaping immunity straight into jabbing kids?

Greg Cergol: Well, Natalie, really a strange day here at this Commack medical facility. As you said, families and doctors were celebrating the vaccine trials that Stony Brook held over the past few months. But it all happened as a new COVID concern was presenting itself.

Narrator: The Millers of Smithtown hope that 10-year-old Jonathan’s second vaccine dose today would ease their COVID concerns. But doctors here at Stony Brook Medicine are already focusing on yet another pandemic threat. A new COVID variant.

Dr. Sharon Nachman: The concern is going to be does the antibody you get from vaccination also prevent this new virus?

MORE NEWS: South Africa’s Top Health Official Slams ‘New COVID’ Travel Bans, Says They’re Unjustified [VIDEO]

Narrator: Dr. Sharon Nachman says it’s still unclear if vaccines will work against this variant. The World Health Organization today labeled a variant a major concern.

Joe Biden: We don’t know a lot about the new variant except that it is a great concern. It seems to spread rapidly.

Narrator: President Biden has already ordered travel restrictions starting Monday for eight African nations. The variant was first identified in South Africa, and cases have now been discovered in Europe and Asia.

Source: Tyrannical NY State Gov Declares Emergency Before A Single Known Case Of Omicron Variant In America [VIDEO] (lifezette.com)

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