Report: Space For The Great Reset

UNOOSA | April 25, 2022

The past two years have seen a global health crisis unravel at a rapid speed, disrupting economies, societies and political processes worldwide.

The pandemic has built momentum to re-think our future, identify ways forward and act on the priorities that will help us promote sustainability, equality and innovation. The Great Reset Initiative of the World Economic Forum1 embraces this philosophy with the aim to advance shared goals and improve the state of the world.

Space technology is the driving force behind numerous services and products that have become indispensable in our daily life and even more during the pandemic. Earth Observation, Global Navigation Satellite Systems and satellite communications have played a key role in addressing the COVID-19 crisis, for example enabling us to work from home and track the impacts on our environment. All attempts to reset and shape a better future must embrace the value of space to ensure that we can build more resilient and sustainable economies with equal and inclusive societies. As the world builds back better, space continues to contribute both directly and indirectly to socio-economic development and help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). This goes to the heart of UNOOSA’s mission.

To further examine the crucial role that space science and technology play in the postpandemic recovery, UNOOSA launched the virtual events series “Space for the Great Reset”. Experts and representatives of the space sector were invited to share their insights on Economic Growth, Climate Action and Access to Space during the following events:

1. Space for the Great Reset: Boosting Sustainable Economic Growth for a Resilient COVID-19 Recovery (5 May 2021) p. 3

2. Space for the Great Reset: Harnessing the Power of Space Technology for Climate Action (14 July 2021) p. 10

3. Space for the Great Reset: Towards a fair, responsible and sustainable Access to Space (20 December 2021) p. 21

This summary report captures the remarks and experiences shared during the Space for the Great Reset series of virtual events.

Source: Report: Space For The Great Reset – SpaceRef

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