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2nd Annual Common Sense Fair: A Gathering of Freedom and Unity | by Calvin Audibert | September 18, 2023

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DP Update: inadvertently reported that homeschoolers could attend the Common Sense Fair at no cost. All attendees must purchase tickets to attend.

Bowdoin, Maine – The anticipation is building as the date approaches for the much-anticipated 2nd Annual Common Sense Fair in Bowdoin, Maine.

This year’s event promises to be an even grander celebration of freedom and unity, featuring music, delectable food, and a stellar lineup of speakers. Among the esteemed panelists are Grass Roots Warriors Anchors, Kevin Hoyt and Lisa Schermerhorn, who will be sharing the stage with the renowned Dr. Christiane Northrop, alongside several other influential speakers.

This year’s Common Sense Fair promises to offer something for everyone, bringing together individuals of all backgrounds and interests. Attendees can look forward to a bean hole bake, a sumptuous pig roast, cider pressing, captivating demonstrations, a vibrant array of vendors, thought-provoking guest speakers, soul-soothing music, and much, much more.

One notable feature of this year’s event is the organizers’ commitment to supporting education, particularly homeschooling.

Recognizing the vital role children play in shaping America’s future, the Common Sense Fair is offering opportunities for homeschooling groups to participate. This initiative aims to empower parents and educators to provide a well-rounded education grounded in the values of liberty and common sense.

2023 Common Sense Fair — Maine Stands Up

Another feature of this year’s fair is the impressive lineup of speakers who will share their insights and knowledge on topics crucial to the preservation of freedom, common sense, and unity. Grass Roots Warrior Anchors, Kevin Hoyt and Lisa Schermerhorn, known for their unwavering dedication to grassroots activism, will be among the panelists. Their grassroots efforts have inspired many, making them revered figures in the fight for liberty.

Joining them on the panel is the esteemed Dr. Christiane Northrop, a prominent voice in holistic health and women’s wellness. Dr. Northrop’s expertise and perspective will undoubtedly add depth to the discussions surrounding health, freedom, and individual rights.

Several other speakers, each bringing their unique insights and experiences, will contribute to the day’s discourse on critical issues facing our nation and the world. The event aims to foster an environment where attendees can engage in meaningful conversations and gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

In the fall of 2022, on a 27-acre homestead in Bowdoin, Maine, history was made as the first annual Common Sense Fair brought together a diverse group of around 250 farmers, freedom fighters, and dedicated truth seekers. This unique gathering provided a platform for like-minded individuals to celebrate their independence and shared values during what many considered a very challenging period in our nation’s history.

The event, held in a muddy back field on the homestead, not only fostered a sense of unity among attendees but also strengthened bonds that transcended mere acquaintance, turning strangers into a close-knit family. The driving forces behind this gathering were love, truth, freedom, and, most importantly, common sense.

In the spirit of their ongoing commitment to reclaiming freedom and restoring America to its principles, the organizers of the inaugural Common Sense Fair are gearing up for the 2nd annual event, set to be even more spectacular than the first. The success of the previous gathering has encouraged them to expand their reach and impact.

Common Sense Fair — Maine Stands Up