After two weeks in jail law library, ‘maverick’ Capitol riot defendant wants to represent himself

Brandon Fellows, 26, of New York, says he believes there is a “mountain of evidence” that hasn’t been seen in his case.

Author: Jordan Fischer, Eric Flack, Stephanie Wilson | Published: 12:34 PM EDT September 7, 2021 | Updated: 12:34 PM EDT September 7, 2021

Fellows said his desire to represent himself stemmed from his belief that there was “a mountain of evidence” McFadden hadn’t seen that would “bring to light the accusations against me.” He also wanted to challenge his detention status.

Fellows was initially granted pretrial release, but was ordered back into custody in June after repeated violations, including missing a court-ordered mental health evaluation and allegedly calling a probation officer’s mother. The Justice Department also said when a clerk of the court attempted to contact Fellows about another violation – allegations that he was harassing a former girlfriend – it was discovered he had apparently put the number for the judge’s wife’s office instead of his own.

Halverson, who stated multiple times before Fellows spoke that she had advised him against it, said Tuesday was the first she was hearing about his desire to represent himself.

McFadden told Fellows he would not entertain an oral motion to review his detention status, and said he’d have to file a written motion. He also ordered a two-week continuance so Fellows and Halverson can discuss his desire to represent himself before making a decision on the request – although he said he would likely grant it, if Fellows still wanted self-representation in two weeks.

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