Arise USA Meets Maine Stands Up

Freedom-Loving Mainers Pack Belfast Venue For Arise USA Event | by Calvin Audibert  | July 29, 2021

An Arise USA! Meets Maine Stands Up event this past Tuesday evening proved to be a smashing success as over 400 freedom-loving patriots packed the Crosby Center in Belfast, the event’s venue, despite being targeted and smeared by intolerant leftist activists and the mainstream media during the days leading up to the event. 

Organized by Monroe resident, ShabdSangeet Khalsas, this brainchild came to life “After what I saw happening with our government, I really started doing research and studying.  I wanted to bring former Arizona Richard Mack to Belfast so people could hear what he has to say,” she said.

Although the official Arise USA! tour abruptly ended July 22, the Belfast event had been in the works for some time and several Arise USA! speakers wanted to still go ahead with the Belfast event.

Crosby Center owner, Kiril Lozanov, along with Arise USA! leaders held some doubt as to how many people would show up due to the leftist’s smear campaign.  Last-minute schedule changes coupled with the nonstop pushback from the intolerant left, placed a dark cloud over expectations for the event.

By 5:30pm, approximately 70 protesters, some with cardboard signs, were lining up across the street from the Crosby Center as people began pouring into the venue.

Dr. Christine Northrup, Maine’s own long-time medical freedom advocate and New York Times bestselling author, served as Master of Ceremonies, addressing the crowd at different times throughout the program.  

Legendary American country music singer-songwriter, Karen Staley, kicked the event off by signing the Star-Spangled Banner followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Maine Stands Up counsel, Attorney Ron Jenkins, then brought the crowd up to speed on the latest lawsuit developments he and his colleague, Tom Renz, have filed against the State of Maine on behalf of Maine and US citizens.

Jenkins opened by quoting a World War II Admiral, “‘There are no extraordinary people in the world. There are only ordinary people who stand up. Who rise to meet the great challenges of the day.’ And that’s what we’re doing at Maine Stands Up.  We’re standing up.  We’ve heard the call.  We’ve met the challenge.”

State Representative Heidi Simpson, introduced by Nancy Sinatra’s, “These Boots Were Made for Walking,” sported a nice pair of cowboy boots showing them off to a cheering and clapping crowd.

Representative Sampson announced two campaigns: the election Forensic Audit and the “Freedom Forum.” Sampson went on to acknowledge, “Some people have raised questions” regarding her effort requesting a Maine election audit. Sampson’s motto remains simple, “Let’s trust, but verify.”

Sampson stated, “Imagine, I have naysayers! I think there are some in this room already. And bomb throwers! Bring it on, Honey!” 

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Opening remarks by the event’s organizer, Shabdsangeet Kaur Khalsa.

Ron Jenkins, attorney and counsel for Maine Stands Up.

State Representative Heidi Sampson, founder of Freedom Forum.

Robert David Steele, of Earth Intelligence Network and Open Source Everything, Inc.

Part 1 of 2 interview with Kiril Lozanov, the owner of the Crosby Center in Belfast, Maine.  We discussed Tuesday’s event, censorship, free speech and what makes America unique and special.

Part 2 of 2 interview with Kiril Lozanov, the owner of the Crosby Center in Belfast, Maine.  

Pledge of allegiance and singing of the Star Spangled Banner led by legendary country music singer-songwriter, Karen Staley.

Sampson’s newly launched Freedom Forum is a group formed to connect legislators with the Maine people. The Forum will be a statewide communication, information and education network and its main purpose is to pass along information, resources and helpful tidbits focusing on liberty, freedom and the American way. 

Robert David Steele, Earth Intelligence Network chief enabling officer, took to the stage giving an insightful summation on issues he believes most urgent to America.  The five problems Steele states needing most attention: election fraud, Wall Street treason and crime, satanic pedophilia, destruction of our schools and the destruction of the family unit. Steele continued on offering three solutions: create a smart nation with holistic thinking, true cost economics and open source engineering.

Steele brought the crowd to its feet in applause when stating, “One of the things I have always been saying across this country is that the elected sheriff is the top law enforcement official of the land and deputizing gun-packing mamma’s is the single best thing any sheriff can do,” 

Former Arizona Sheriff and author, Richard Mack, next in the line-up and main attraction, addressed the crowd via zoom. Originally planned as an in-person speaker, the change from in-person to zoom occurred at the last minute with event planners announcing the change shortly before the event. 

In 1994, Mack and six other sheriffs from across the country challenged the constitutionality of the Brady Bill, fighting all the way to the United States Supreme Court to win a landmark 5-4 decision three years later.

“The Arise USA! tour increased Sheriff Mack’s dedication to the proposition that all men are created equal and liberty is God’s gift for all of us. No one is exempt! No one is exempt from liberty’s principles. Liberty is for all humankind. It is for all men.  It is for all women,” Mack told the people.

Kevin Jenkins, the event’s last speaker for the night, rocked the house. Jenkins, of Urban Global Health Alliance and Freedom Travel Alliance, fired up the crowd asking them to stand to their feet while announcing:

“I have something to tell you.  It’s frightening. It’s alarming. It’s pretty scary. Everyone in the audience tonight, you are a terrorist.  You and every American in this country right now is a terrorist. If you believe in family. If you believe in God.  If you believe in the flag.  If you believe in this country. If you dare stand up to be a patriot, you are a terrorist…

“They want to control how you breathe. They want to control how you live. They want to control how you love. They want to destroy our children. And they want to make us their profit centers for their wealth.”

Many people talked and took selfies with the speakers at the program’s conclusion.  Khalsa was beaming with pride while still shocked by the impressive turnout after the left’s attempts to silence viewpoints diverging from their own.

“Look for the possibilities, they are everywhere.   Every time the way is cut off … look for new possibilities!   This is an infinite creation with limitless possibilities and so we must now quickly learn to navigate our way past all barriers, closed doors, roadblocks, and anything else that tries to stop us from reclaiming our God-given rights as free Americans.  Evil has no courage because it has no heart,” Khalsa said with a grin.

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Karen Staley, an American country music singer-songwriter  entertains the audience with songs including, “Arise USA.”

Former AZ Sheriff Richard Mack, of Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association.

Questions & Answers panelists, Kevin Jenkins, Dr. Christiane Northrup and Attorney Ron Jenkins.

Kevin Jenkins, of Urban Global Health Alliance & Freedom Travel Alliance, fires up the crowd with some hard-hitting questions.  This is definitely must watch material for every freedom-loving American patriot!

After the event footage…

Footage of protesters gathered around the Crosby Center.

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