June 15, 2024

August the 6th

By Stephen Nissley | August 6, 2021

August the 6th today and a foggy 62 degrees.

As I am living by myself, I have a lot of time to think. Much of this time is spent praying for the kids. We have family scattered all over the place and doing things such as travelling from one state to another. Some of the family is travelling to Ohio, some to Texas this week and some in Canada camping along a lake with boys fishing. All this keeps Pop pop PRAYING!

Psalms 127:3 Lo, Children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is His reward.

Early in our marriage, Susie and I did our own things. Me more then her sad to say. I would take two trips to Canada each year hunting and also at least one to the camp in the mountains of PA. We had nice cars and of course a four wheeled drive truck. One day we sat down and just had a good talk. We decided to look down the road and try to envision what our life is going to be like if we continue to go in the same direction we were going. Money was there, we had a beautiful house and so forth.

Susie and I decided to have a family and serve the Lord and try to live as close to the center of His will as possible. That meant not going to Canada two time a year. That meant selling our house. That meant sleepless nights rocking crying babies.

The result:

Now we not only have a Johnny, but a Stacey and Ben, Mitchell and Ethan. We have a Jim and Angie, Chole (who has a Timothy) and a Leah (who has a Jesse) a Julia and a Merebeth. We have a Carole Ann and a Chris and Chip, Anna, Emilia, Jonathan and a Matti. We have a Steve and Robin and Levi and Sidney and Ella and Violet. Then there is Andy and Josie and Jacob, Micah, Eli and Shiloh and Jesse and Isaac. We have a Becky and Caleb and Abbi and Zach and Hanna. We also have a Tim and Taylor and Paisley, Quin and Lucy and then came Rachael and Adam and Jonathan, Susie and Philippe. Pretty good trade for the hunting trips, cars, nice house and what ever isn’t it.

More on this tomorrow Lord willing.

Stephen Nissley a Missionary Evangelist trying to serve the Lord to the best of my ability in Northern Maine, Canadian Maritimes and Greenland.