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Bette Midler Trashes Thanksgiving: Pilgrims Were ‘Undocumented Aliens from Europe’

Breitbart | by David Ng | November 25, 2022

Disney’s Hocus Pocus 2 star Bette Midler spent her Thanksgiving trashing the national holiday, posting a meme that denigrated the pilgrims as “undocumented aliens from Europe.”

In a tweet on Thursday, Bette Midler posted a meme showing a pilgrim and an Indian sharing a turkey in what appears to be a depiction of the first Thanksgiving in 1621. The meme’s snarky caption reads: “Celebrating the day Americans fed undocumented aliens from Europe.”

Midler’s meme inaccurately depicts what actually transpired between the Plymouth colony pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians at the first Thanksgiving feast. Historical accounts show that both the pilgrims and Indians contributed food to the meal, with the pilgrims hunting fowl and the Indians bringing deer. They also feasted on the vegetables that the pilgrims grew with the help of the Indians.

While wild turkey might have been featured at the first Thanksgiving, they would more likely have dined on geese, duck, and other game. Some historians believe that seafood was also served, given the colonist’s proximity to the ocean.

Bette Midler isn’t the only celebrity to trash Thanksgiving this year. As Breitbart News reported, fellow Hollywood star John Leguizamo took to Twitter on Sunday to proclaim, “Happy indigenous survivor’s day! F*ck thanksgiving!”

Breitbart News’ Rebecca Mansour has published her annual appreciation of Thanksgiving, in which she explains the history of the holiday and the political revisionism that has occurred in the centuries since.

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Source: Bette Midler Trashes Thanksgiving: Pilgrims Were ‘Undocumented Aliens from Europe’ (breitbart.com)