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Biden Targets NFL Star Aaron Rodgers Over Vaccination Status While Touring Kentucky Damage

The Western Journal | by Jack Davis | December 16, 2021

Apparently believing the aftermath of a disaster is the perfect place to push a political agenda, President Joe Biden made a carping COVID-19 comment Wednesday while touring the widespread devastation of Kentucky communities hit by tornadoes last week.

Biden spoke with two women, one of whom was wearing a Green Bay Packers hat, in Dawson Springs.

“Tell that quarterback he’s got to get the vaccine,” the president said at the end of a brief conversation with the women, according to WEAR-TV.

While he surveyed tornado damage in Kentucky today and met with victims of this month’s storms, President Biden had an exchange with a fan wearing a Packers hat. “Tell that quarterback he’s got to get the vaccine,” Biden said.

— TMJ4 News (@tmj4) December 15, 2021

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Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who tested positive for the coronavirus last month, had said before the start of the season that he was “immunized” against the virus.

However, the reigning NFL MVP explained in an interview on Nov. 5, after his positive test, that he had an allergy to an ingredient in the coronavirus vaccines developed by Pfizer and Moderna. He also had concerns about side effects from the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Instead, Rodgers said, he underwent procedures to boost his immunity.

“I’m not some sort of anti-vax, flat-earther,” the Packers quarterback said on “The Pat McAfee Show.”

“I believe strongly in bodily autonomy and the ability to make choices for your body, not to have to acquiesce to some sort of woke culture or crazed, you know, group of individuals who say you have to do something,” he said.

Rodgers lashed out at the NFL’s coronavirus protocols.

“Some of the rules are not based in science at all,” he said. “They’re based purely in trying to out and shame people.”

Twitter users suggested Biden’s vaccine comment was off the mark. Related: Atkinson: It’s Time for Sports Leagues to Stop Testing Healthy People for COVID-19

Demented Rogue Regime Head @JoeBiden Visiting Kentucky Families Who’ve Lost Their Homes, Their Jobs, & Loved Ones . . .

. . . and Promotes Covid Vax

Biden was always a lowlife

— DeMario (@DJDeMario1) December 16, 2021

Aaron Rodgers doesn’t only live rent free in Bears fans heads and many others “fans” heads and now, he’s in President Biden’s. Love it. Hey President, worry about…never-mind…

— Joe W. (@JoeGreenW) December 16, 2021

Shame on the @POTUS in his behavior to the tornado victim who showed more concern about Aaron Rogers non vaxx then comforting those who lost their livelihood. #Biden has COVID on the brain.

Biden makes Aaron Rodgers vax dig while chatting with Kentucky tornado victims

— BRIDGET YANKOWITZ (@BBYANKO) December 16, 2021

The Packers are 3-1 since Rodgers’ return and 10-3 overall.

The quarterback was not asked about Biden’s comment on Wednesday during a media availability.


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