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‘Clockwork’: Four Trump Indictments Drop After Four Damning Biden Business Revelations 

Breitbart | by Wendell Husebo | August 15, 2023

DP News Summary Talking Points:

  • Four times, damaging revelations about the Biden family’s business dealings have been followed by the announcement of indictments against former President Donald Trump, prompting speculation about potential coordination.
  • Critics suggest that these indictments divert attention from allegations against the Bidens and shift focus onto Trump, serving as a distraction.
  • The timeline outlines how each damaging Biden revelation was immediately followed by a Trump indictment, leading to suspicions of a coordinated effort.

Four damning news cycles about the Biden family business bombshell revelations were each immediately followed by four indictments of former President Donald Trump, causing conservatives to question if the synchronization was just a coincidence.

On Monday night, a grand jury in Georgia indicted Trump for a fourth time. Trump’s first indictment was in New York State, and two more federal indictments followed in Florida and Washington, D.C.

Each indictment immediately changed the news cycle focused on Hunter Biden and the Biden family business revelations. The indictments enabled the establishment media to ignore growing allegations of impropriety of President Joe Biden and to focus on “getting” Trump.

Below is the timeline:


March 16: Hunter Biden admits the “Laptop from Hell” was his after years of denial

March 18: The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office leaks the news of the first indictment


June 8: House Oversight Committee Republicans confirm an FBI FD-1023 file in which an FBI informant claimed to possess two pieces of evidence that show President Joe Biden received $5 million after threatening to withhold aid to Ukraine until a prosecutor probing the Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings was fired

June 9: Special Counsel Jack Smith releases grand jury indictment of Trump in the documents case


July 31: Devon Archer, Hunter Biden’s best friend in business, testifies before the House Oversight Committee that then-Vice President Joe Biden participated in more than 20 business phone calls to sell the Biden “brand” to associates.

August 1: Special Counsel Jack Smith releases Trump’s January 6 indictment


August 11: Attorney General Merrick Garland designates a special counsel in the Hunter Biden case

August 14: A Georgia grand Jury indicts Trump for questioning the 2020 election

Conservatives told Breitbart News the timeline seems very suspicious and suggested Democrats are trying to keep the spotlight off the Biden family.

“Every one of these nonsensical, politicized, and unconstitutional indictments against President Trump has been designed not only to hurt his chances come 2024 but also to coverup and deflect attention from the far more serious and egregious crimes of President Biden’s son and partner-in-crime, Hunter Biden,” Gavin Wax, president of the New York Young Republican Club, told Breitbart News.

“While Hunter committed real crimes that are being brushed under the rug, President Trump is being charged for speaking his mind, consulting with lawyers, and following the law,” he added. “Based on the latest indictment in Georgia, it seems the next thing these activist DAs will try to criminalize through precedent is mere thoughts that buck the leftist consensus.”

Luke Mahoney, a veteran digital strategist, told Breitbart News the “unprecedented lawfare” indictments occurred like clockwork.

“At this point, it’s like clockwork,” he said. “Every time there is a major revelation in the Biden investigation, the very next day President Trump gets indicted, which shifts the focus of the Republican donor base from defeating Biden and Congressional Democrats in 2024 to defending President Trump from this unprecedented lawfare.”

A conservative commentator who requested anonymity due to fear of retribution from the Hunter Biden legal team told Breitbart News that “Joe and Hunter Biden have to be the luckiest people in the world.”

“Every time bombshell revelations about the Biden Crime Family are revealed — from the Bidens taking millions from Russian and Chinese oligarchs or millions in bribes from the Ukrainian gas company Burisma — there’s another far-left prosecutor ready to hand down the latest indictment against Donald Trump,” he said.

“The Bidens can count on the corporate media covering the Trump news while ignoring the ever-growing mountain of evidence regarding the multitude of Biden family criminal enterprises,” he added.

Source: ‘Clockwork’: 4 Trump Indictments Drop After 4 Biden Business Revelations (breitbart.com)

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