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Coronavirus to climate change: Make way for more lockdowns

John Kerry, Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, speaks about the United States' international climate efforts ahead of COP27, the upcoming 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference, Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2022, at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

The Washington Times | by Cheryl K. Chumley | October 27, 2022

A new report from scientists and published in The Lancet finds climate change is “increasingly affecting the foundations of human health and wellbeing” and that if governments don’t stop using fossil fuels, people will die, people will die, people will die.

It’s the reincarnation of COVID-19. John Kerry will play the role of Anthony Fauci.

Actually, it’s the next planned progression of the coronavirus, leading into the next planned phase of tyrannical takings of individual liberties.

“The right response to COVID-19 can avert the climate crisis,” the World Economic Forum wrote, way back in June 2020. What’s the “right” response? According to the WEF, it’s “an enlightened” one. 

Oh, do tell.

“The pandemic is providing humanity with a reset moment,” the WEF wrote. As in: A Great Reset moment. A “build back better” opportunity, as the WEF also wrote. And that’s how President Biden puts it, as well, on his White House “Build Back Better Framework” webpage. It’s the global agenda come to America. The wolves to steal U.S. sovereignty have crossed the White House threshold — and are knocking at the doors of Congress, too. H.R. 794 is the Climate Emergency Act of 2021. It calls for the president “to declare a national climate emergency under the National Emergencies Act,” the text states. 

That’s how the coronavirus clampdowns swung into high gear — by declared national emergency.

So back to the WEF.

This is the jump from coronavirus to climate change: “If we get our policy responses to COVID-19 wrong, we risk exacerbating the climate crisis,” the WEF wrote

And since governments have already been in the business of handing out gobs of cash for coronavirus mitigation causes, the great idea of the Great Reset crowd is to continue to dangle money as a reward for building back better. The WEF calls for central banks to only deal with green bonds; for state entities to only deal with companies that meet environmental, social governance standards; for financial institutions to only loan money to businesses that agree to these ESG standards; for governments to get in the carbon emission trading game — and use China as a model; for employers to promote green standards within their various companies; and for regulators to mandate businesses show proof of meeting ESG standards.

This is the left’s weaponization of the free market for political purposes.

This is the globalist’s way of controlling even the pocketbooks and wallets of individuals.

Won’t play? Then you won’t get paid. 

Resistors will be turned into the enemy — because climate change is the new coronavirus. Climate change is the new and even deadlier coronavirus that threatens all of humanity.

“Climate change is ‘first and foremost’ a health crisis, new report finds,” USA Today wrote a few days ago.

“How climate change is hurting Americans’ health — and what experts suggest we do about it,” USA Today wrote this week.

It’s all about saving lives. 

“Extreme heat and pollution are linked to many conditions including asthma and heart disease — and heat kills more people than hurricane or floods each year,” USA Today wrote.

Once again, just as with the government’s mitigation efforts involving COVID, it’s all about saving lives. Once again, it’s all about presenting alarming, hysterical, fear-fueling warnings using soft and squishy language like “potential” or “perhaps” or “could happen” or “may occur” — and then following these warnings with the best practice government solutions so as to save us all. Once again, it’s “science” from “scientists” that we are all told to believe and follow.

“Health is at the mercy of our global fossil fuel addiction,” said Renee Salas, a doctor who also happens to be a fellow with the Harvard University’s Center for Climate, Health and the Global Environment, USA Today wrote.

“Deaths from fossil fuel emissions higher than previously thought,” Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences reported

“Researchers,” this report went on to say, “estimated that exposure to particulate matter from fossil fuel emissions accounted for 18 percent of total global deaths in 2018 — a little less than 1 out of 5.”

Guess how they arrived at that estimate? (And note, too, the use of the word “estimate.”) By computer modeling. That’s another way of saying by guessing. Computer models are only as accurate with conclusions as the numbers that are inputted. Scientists take their best guess to plug in numbers they think are accurate — or to plug in numbers that meet the political expectations of the day. Then they arrive at conclusions based on those best-guess numbers.

Political polls are about as accurate. Can you say President Hillary Clinton? Nope. How about “This Harvard finding is ridiculous” — can you say that?

The idea that 18 percent of deaths in 2018 are due to air pollution is absurd.

But watch.

It won’t be long before the calls to save lives by curtailing production and going green becomes the left’s lockdown arguments. After all, walking about freely while breathing polluted air brings great risk. People can die, people could die, people will die. Curbing emissions is the patriotic thing to do. It’s the humane thing to do.

“For the first time, researchers have calculated exactly how many people the US could save by acting on the climate crisis,” The Guardian recently wrote.

Well, if the “researchers” say it, then it must be true. Agree at liberty’s peril.

If tyrannical seizures of individual freedoms from the coronavirus taught anything, it’s that researchers, scientists, government experts, medical bureaucrats and the like are just as political as politicians. And if Americans haven’t learned that lesson yet, then more lockdowns are most decidedly on the way.

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Source: Coronavirus to climate change: Make way for more lockdowns – Washington Times

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