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Does Anyone Else See Something Creepy About This?

by Gail Geraghty | September 14, 2021

The much-maligned Robert David Steele who led the Arise USA Tour July 27 in Belfast died one month later, Aug. 28, in the hospital from CV-19 induced pneumonia. The Belfast event, co-sponsored by Maine Stands UP!, generated extreme negative press coverage, social media attacks and a counter-protest which Steele said were orchestrated by the Anti-Defamation League in response to his outspoken views on Zionism.

Steele has steadfastly refused the vax, and two weeks after the Belfast event his o2 stats went down to 77, sending him to a hospital in Florida. He got his stats back up to 94, but he couldn’t really rally, and two weeks later he was dead.

“I did test positive for whatever they’re calling “COVID” today, but the bottom line is that my lungs are not functioning,” he said from the hospital. Still, he was hopeful. “I will survive with a few days off. I should be back up and at least functional soon.”

He vowed to continue the tour, albeit without the fanfare of buses and a big entourage of entertainers and speakers that had covered 20,000 miles in three months across the country after raising a million dollars and spending his life savings of $250,000. But it was not to be.

AND HAS ONE SINGLE WORD BEEN SAID BY THE MAINE PRESS ABOUT HIS DEATH? Nope. He was targeted all right, targeted for elimination for his efforts to save our country, one Constitutional County at a time. Mission accomplished. Black eye given to Rep. Heidi Sampson to boot for refusing to back out of the event. Unless you’re naive enough to think everything is simply a coincidence, it’s got to make you wonder.

Say what you want about his more extremist views: Robert David Steele literally gave his life for his country, and helped immeasurably to mobilize ordinary citizens across the country as they put into action the things they learned from attending one of his tour events.


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    Gail GeraghtyAdmin
    His friend, blogger Mark Tassi, said Steele had HCQ tablets but the hospital’s protocol refused to allow him to take them. Tassi said Steele was doing well until they put him on Remdesivir, which Fauci has been pushing, which can cause kidney failure which in turn causes pulmonary edema, leaving the “death trap” of a respirator as the only option left. It’s an all-too clear scenario that has caused most of the cv deaths. Worth listening to: https://www.instagram.com/p/CTLKc6FlHyt/

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