April 24, 2024
2 years ago

Endorsement of John Gordon

News | April 05, 2022 |

Great news for Georgia! A very successful Businessman and Attorney, John Gordon, will be running against “Do Nothing” Attorney General Chris Carr. As everyone in the Great State of Georgia is aware, Carr did absolutely nothing to stop the 2020 Presidential Election Fraud which, as facts have shown, and are showing, was rampant. He spent more time hunting those people who fought for the truth than he did those who cheated in the Election. Chris Carr was a disaster every step of the way. He wasn’t looking for Election Integrity, but rather, an easy way out.

John Gordon, on the other hand, will get to the bottom of it all. He is tough, strong, smart, and loves the people of Georgia. He is also strong on the Border, Crime, our Military, Vets, and will proudly protect our Second Amendment. He will be a spectacular Attorney General, something the state so desperately needs. John Gordon has my Complete and Total Endorsement. He will never let you down!

Source: https://www.donaldjtrump.com/news/news-vnrvxutbqh1769