FIGHTING COMMUNISM IN AMERICA | by Dean Allen | August 21, 2021

[Third essay in a series]

In the first two essays, I demonstrated how the so called ‘Civil Rights Movement’ has been a communist program to attempt to cause America’s Black population to help the communists undermine American culture as a prerequisite to destroying the things that make America great.

Ronald Reagan first spoke about making America great again and President Donald Trump revived the slogan. More importantly, President Trump actually started doing things to implement policies which do make America great.

It is time now to look into just what actually has made America the greatest nation in history. First we need to clear up some things that have not been involved in making America great. We may begin with slavery. I mentioned, quite a few founding fathers, including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, were slave holders, which was common at that time.

Let’s be clear, I will not try to put forward any defense of slavery which I believe is indefensible. Slavery was a very bad system. It was bad when White Southern plantation owners practiced it. Slavery was also bad when William Ellison, of Charleston, South Carolina, became one of the richest men in America from the slave trade. Ellison, who was a free Black man, owned 60 slaves at the time of his death in 1861, making him the wealthiest of 171 free Black people who were slave holders in South Carolina.

Far from being any dominant portion of our political and cultural miracle on the North American continent, slavery was merely an agricultural footnote, no more notable than perhaps a list of farms breeding racehorses. This stuff may have been interesting, but slavery was unimportant in the grand scheme of things.

What did make America, first different, eventually great? America was the first place Europeans – White men – could worship God as they saw fit. Abandoning a state religion, included abandoning theological orthodoxy.

Not only did Englishmen in America question the primacy of the Anglican communion, we began to reject the premise of a divine right of kings. That in turn allowed us to question monarchy as a form of government.

By the time of the American revolution, a large majority of colonists here believed they had rights granted directly from God. Once your rights are from God, your loyalty is due primarily to God. Government now becomes either an impediment to your God given rights, or your creation, tasked only with protecting what God has already given you.

Thomas Jefferson stated it most eloquently in the Declaration of Independence, where he wrote government derived its just powers “from the consent of the governed.” This was still the American miracle a century and a half later when Louisiana Governor Huey P. Long was elected on the slogan “Every man a King! Every woman a queen! Every home a castle!”

We could now start the process of making America, and by extension, much of the world great! We were no longer colonists, subjects of the British crown; we were now Americans whose government would be subject to the will of the people. That revolutionary idea had turned the world up-side down.

Everything that makes America great flows from that one seminal idea. Our rights are from God and our governments are our servants. These hard won rights were bought with blood in the American Revolution. We guarded them jealously and would not surrender them to the Federalists in our constitutional convention.

This is the genesis of the right to worship as we choose, the right to carry arms, the right to own property, the right to engage in commerce. Closely related was the right to enjoy an honest system of weights and measures as well as a sound medium of exchange.

We may truly say American greatness has been founded upon God, guns and gold.

More tomorrow.

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