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Fit and Healthy Girl, 10, Dies Suddenly After Collapsing at School

The Western Journal | by George Upper | November 16, 2022

An otherwise “fit and healthy girl” died at the tender age of 10 Monday after collapsing suddenly at school last week.

A family spokesman said that doctors believed Rai-Lèyah Parveen Jayne Saddique suffered a brain hemorrhage on Nov. 9. She was rushed to Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield, in West Yorkshire, England.

She was later transferred to Leeds General Infirmary, but died early Monday morning.

In accordance with her family’s Muslim beliefs, Saddique was buried the same day. Hundreds attended her funeral, according to West Yorkshire News.

“She was a hard-working girl who was loved by family and friends,” the spokesman said. “Her school was closed today. Students attended (her funeral) and let off balloons.”

The spokesman added that between 200 and 300 people, including school friends and faculty, attended Saddique’s funeral.

She was the eldest of three children in her family, the U.K.’s Daily Mail added.

Judging by reaction on social media, Saddique was indeed a beloved young lady.

Wakefield’s Fearless Dance Studios, where Saddique had apparently performed, posted a sweet tribute to her on Facebook.

“Fly high sweet girl. It’s time for the angels to experience your kindness,” it posted. “Just weeks ago you took to the stage and blew us all away. Go show them how it’s done up there darling. Rai-Leyah Saddique forever in our hearts, forever Fearless.”

“Sleep tight Rai-Leyah,” Facebook user Danielle Hepworth commented on that post, adding, “too beautiful for this world.”

“Such a beautiful girl- inside & out,” Kim McCarthy added.

Another post about her tragic death on Instagram received similar comments.

“Angel gone back to heaven,” one user wrote.

Saddique’s vaccination status was not reported. However, she did not apparently suffer from either blood clotting or myocarditis, two conditions that some have related to COVID vaccines.

There has been no connection reported between brain hemorrhages, which did apparently affect Saddique, and vaccines.

Source: Fit and Healthy Girl, 10, Dies Suddenly After Collapsing at School (westernjournal.com)

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