June 18, 2024
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Freedom Convoy 2022 | “Just Drive” by Jayme Knyx

DavesPaper.com | January 29, 2022

Great video! Thank the Lord for those Canadian patriots and now is our turn, America. Let’s drive to Washington DC and shut the swamp down!

“Just Drive” by Jayme Knyx. Find out more info about Knyx here @ www.JaymeKnyx.com

“Just Drive” by Jayme Knyx lyrics

We used to run wide open

Livin’ life without fear

Now I really don’t know

How we ever got here ever got here

We let the little things pile up

We fence ourselves in

Sometimes you gotta tear it all down

Start over again

Put the key in and…


Just drive

Send your mind on down the road ​

Pass everything you know

Turn your wheels and go

Just drive

Put some blacktop in front of you

Let those white lines run under you

Headed for somewhere

Or leaving something behind

Just Drive

We could burn across the desert

See those Vegas lights

Take a drive down main street

People do it all the time

People do it all the time

Cruise up to the mountains

Get close to the stars

If you find yourself unhappy

Where you are, just get in your car and

Repeat chorus

It don’t matter at all Just Drive

It don’t matter at all Just Drive

It don’t matter at all Just Drive

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