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Gov. Ron DeSantis Suspends Lawless Soros-Backed State Attorney Andrew Warren

Gateway Pundit | by Brian Lupo | August 4, 2022

Governor Ron DeSantis has taken a pro-active stance to protect the citizens of Florida from rogue prosecutors who are picking and choosing which laws to enforce, often openly doing so in the name of “social justice”.  Late this morning, with numerous law enforcement representatives including the well-known Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd, Governor DeSantis announced, effective immediately, the suspension of State Attorney Andrew Warren of Florida’s 13th Judicial District.

After the lawlessness that has been documented throughout many major cities across the United States over the last couple of years, including by The Gateway Pundit, Ron DeSantis took the initiative earlier this year of asking staff to ensure it would not happen in the State of Florida.  They were tasked with speaking with “law enforcement and line prosecutors throughout the state”.  According to Governor DeSantis, it all led back to the 13th Judicial Circuit in Hillsboro County, where law enforcement has been frustrated by criminals being let go and crimes not being prosecuted.

Gov. DeSantis stated, “We’ve seen across this country over the last few years, individual prosecutors take it upon themselves to determine which laws they like and will enforce, and which laws they don’t like and won’t enforce. The results of this in cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco have been catastrophic.  You can go in [a store] in San Francisco and steal a certain amount of merchandise and by definition you would not be prosecuted…”

Gov. DeSantis continued: “Those who say this represents social justice, look at San Francisco.  They had to recall this prosecutor who was funded by people like George Soros, saying he’s not going to prosecute.  They did the recall election and he was recalled, even in a very liberal jurisdiction.  But, the places that voted to keep him were the affluent communities who are not bearing the brunt of the policies.  The places that voted to recall him are the working class communities, because they bear the burden of ignorance and refusal to enforce the law.”

In June 2021, State Attorney Warren signed a letter that said he would not enforce a prohibition on any sex change operations for minors.

According to Gov. DeSantis “Warren said that it doesn’t matter what the legislature does in the state of Florida.  He is going to exercise a veto over that.  He’s also instituted policies of ‘presumptive non-enforcement’…that is not consistent with the role of a prosecutor.  You can exercise discretion in individual case, but that discretion has to be individualized and case specific.  Most recently…after Dobbs…he signed a letter saying he would not enforce ANY laws relating to the protecting the right to life in the State of Florida.  Mind you,  we have had prohibitions on third trimester abortions for a long time.  We’ve had prohibitions on partial birth abortions for a long time, and then most recently, the legislature enacted, and I signed protections for unborn babies at three and a half months.  When they are aborted, its typically done through a dismemberment procedure, which is really inhumane.”

This seems to be a stern rebuke of the lawless prosecutors that have surged over the last several years and message from the DeSantis administration that this type of lawlessness will not be tolerated in the Sunshine State.

Source: BREAKING: Gov. Ron DeSantis Suspends Lawless Soros-Backed State Attorney Andrew Warren (thegatewaypundit.com)

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