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Horowitz: Who are actually the super-spreaders?

Blaze Media | by Daniel Horowitz | January 7, 2022

“Businesses Now Requiring Positive COVID Test As Proof Of Vaccination.” This was a headline from the Babylon Bee, but increasingly, satire is the new reality.

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then this data showing negative efficacy of the shots in nearly every age group from my friend Don Wolt is worth 1,000,000 words.

The U.K. has done the world a service by being the only country to put out granular and continuous weekly data breaking down infection rates by vaccination status and by age cohort. For quite some time, the U.K. data has been showing negative efficacy in all but the youngest age group. This means that the infection rates per capita have been higher among the vaccinated. This was true with Delta, but with Omicron, the vaccines have blown the infection rates off the charts.

Yesterday, the U.K. Health Security Agency published its first “COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report” of 2022, which collates infection rate data for the final weeks of 2021 (weeks 49-52). These are not raw numbers, but case rates per 100,000 divided by age group and vaccination status. The results are simply devastating to the cause of the vaccine altogether, much less support for mandating it.

This is from table 13 of the report:

If you factor vaccine efficacy based on the case rates by age group, here is what you get:

As you can see, aside from children, there is clear negative efficacy of the shots in terms of likelihood one will become infected with COVID. For age groups between 18 and 60, the vaccinated are roughly twice as likely to test positive for COVID than the unvaccinated. But what is very telling is the dramatic shift over the past few weeks since Omicron. This is where Don Wolt’s chart is so illustrative.

The beauty of this chart is that it stacks the weekly changes in case rates of each age group and vaccination status next to each other and tracks the progression of the data over the course of five months. As you can see, for a short period of time, the elderly age brackets stopped going negative from the vaccine during November when they got the boosters. It barely registered in positive territory, but it didn’t go negative. Now, Omicron has proven that the boosters don’t help in reversing the vaccine-mediated enhancement, and the seniors are therefore back in negative territory.

Although Omicron, as a mild but very transmissible ailment, caused case spikes among all people, you can see the rate of growth over the past week is exponentially higher among the vaccinated, especially in the younger age groups, who appear to be hit by Omicron more than the seniors. For whatever reason, unvaccinated children seem to have a lot of cases, but that could be a function of testing. Remember, in this same report, the data show that not a single child under 18 died of COVID these past four weeks.

There is simply no way to escape the fact that the vaccines always went negative after a few months, the boosters offered an even shorter degree of partial protection than the original doses, and now with Omicron, there is a clear inverse relationship between case rates and vaccination rates. This point is exemplified in Don’s second chart showing the rate of growth in cases since the previous week’s U.K. report:

The fact that we are seeing negative efficacy grow the more shots one gets lends credence to a theory that not only are the shots ineffective against Omicron, but they are creating viral immune escape. A recent study from the Statens Serum Institut in Denmark studied secondary attack rates (SAR) inside households during Omicron as compared to Delta. “Surprisingly, we observed no significant difference between the SAR of Omicron versus Delta among unvaccinated individuals,” note the authors. However, when it came to the vaccinated, they found that secondary attack rates were 2.61 times higher for Omicron than Delta, and among booster-vaccinated individuals, it was 3.66 times higher. “This indicates that the increased transmissibility of the Omicron VOC primarily can be ascribed to immune evasion rather than an inherent increase in the basic transmissibility,” concludes the authors.

Thankfully, Omicron is exponentially less deadly than Delta, but it is being used as pretext to force vaccine passports at a time when it is abundantly clear that the vaccines are causing the super-spreading of Omicron. The public health frauds have consistently propagated a narrative that the unvaccinated are driving mutations, but it never made sense that people with zero antibodies could be creating evolutionary pressure on a virus. It’s suboptimal antibodies that do that, and clearly, to the extent one believes these mutations are a problem, it’s the vaccine that is to blame.

The Israeli data harmonizes very well with the theory of shots creating more viral immune escape. If there is any country that “did it right,” it’s Pfizer’s personal laboratory, aka Israel. So many have three shots and they are already onto their fourth, yet cases are have soared past record levels. But over the past few weeks with the rise of Omicron, there is a clear decoupling based on how many vaccines you had.


At present, the unvaccinated are 29% of the population but compose less than 14% of the new cases.


Again, just like in the U.K., while the shots always lost efficacy even during Delta, they actually go negative much quicker with Omicron, including with three shots.

Data from Denmark seems to show a similar picture, with cases rising among those with three shots quicker than anyone else, especially in younger and middle-aged adults.


A recent study from Public Health Ontario was equally devastating to the vaccine cause and fits perfectly with the U.K. data. “Receipt of 2 doses of COVID-19 vaccines was not protective against Omicron infection at any point in time, and VE was –38% (95%CI, –61%, –18%) 120-179 days and –42% (95%CI, –69%, –19%) 180-239 days after the second dose,” concluded the Ontario health officials in a preprint study. What about the booster? Out of the gate, it was only 37% effective but then rapidly wanes.

At this point, now that we know the vaccines go negative, and even quicker with Omicron, what is it going to take to ban the shots? After all, if a scientific reality of the unvaccinated getting the virus more often justifies the implementation of vaccine passports, shouldn’t a reverse scientific reality justify getting rid of the shots?

Source: Horowitz: Who are actually the super-spreaders? – Conservative Review

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