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FreedomSource University | by Dean Allen | November 18, 2021

Dean Allen is increasingly blocked on Facebook. His newest essays will appear here. Starting on November 16, 2021.

Facebook is owned by a billionaire with a communist worldview. Among other things, he has proudly employed over 7,500 people to rigidly censor thought. Get this; not only do they rigidly censor thought in the USA, or even the English speaking world, but to the best of his ability world wide in 43 different languages!

This rigid thought control was first employed by blocking anyone who posted something offensive by banishing them from using his platform. First offense was a day of being blocked. Subsequent offenses were punished with 30 days, six months, finally expulsion.

In 2018 I was blocked more months than I was able to post submissions. We on the cultural right began to call it ‘being in Facebook jail’ and wear it as a sign of honor. Once we bragged to each other about ‘Facebook jail’ and created humorous memes making fun of the practice, he had to change tactics.

Two new tactics sprung up. When you write the truth on any of dozens of taboo subjects, they interject “Fact checking” that is so inaccurate and convoluted, it could be manipulated to say the sun rises in the west.

Currently, any time you start typing a prohibited article, your writing just suddenly disappears! No warning. No appeal. No explanation. Not even any admission it now happens, it just does happen as if by magic.

I tried not using key words that trigger algorithms and met with limited success. The coup de gras for me was today when I noticed a line from Facebook stating some comments on articles were blocked because they were deemed inappropriate. Not only is the intent to block me from making social commentary on cultural assaults; they do not intend you to have any right to do so in comments either.

That’s when I knew it was time to come here. This site was created over a year ago but I kept writing on Facebook because I had 5,000 friends there and I know not all of you will follow me here. In spite of that consideration; from this date forward the main body of my writing will be here.

I anticipate requests to be able to share my essays here on social media and elsewhere. I have a standing agreement with THE STANDARD newspaper to allow them the right to reprint my essays as a regular column by me. In fact, I have driven several hundred miles in the last two months to attend editorial conferences of all contributors to THE STANDARD in order o learn how to upload my content on that website.

The rest of you are welcome to reprint anything I write, for any non-commercial purpose, provided it is reproduced in its entirety with my name, website, and copyright notice intact.

Dean Allen


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