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IRS Whistleblower: My Contemporaneous Documentation Contradicts Garland, Weiss on Hunter Case

Breitbart| by Ian Hanchett | June 27, 2023

During portions of an interview with CBS News Chief Investigative Correspondent Jim Axelrod aired on Tuesday’s broadcast of “CBS Evening News,” IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley stated that his contemporaneous documentation in the form of an email with IRS Special Agent in Charge Darrell Waldon on U.S. Attorney David Weiss not being the deciding person on whether charges against Hunter Biden were filed that he entered as exhibit 10 in his congressional testimony contradicts recent public statements by Weiss and Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Shapley said, “If this was any other person, they likely would have already served their sentence.”

He also stated, “I documented exactly what happened and it doesn’t seem to match what the Attorney General or the U.S. attorney are saying today.”

After playing the clip of Shapley saying that his documentation contradicts Garland and Weiss, Axelrod stated, “Shapley provided lawmakers this contemporaneous email he wrote after an October meeting last year. Shapley says Weiss told him the opposite, that Weiss is not the deciding person on whether charges are filed.”

Axelrod also said, “Shapley, who is still working for the IRS, told us that, even before President Biden took office, he was directed to avoid leads involving Hunter’s father.”

Axelrod then played clips of Shapley saying, “There were certain investigative steps that we weren’t allowed to take that could have led us to President Biden.” And “We needed to take them.”

Source: https://www.breitbart.com/clips/2023/06/27/irs-whistleblower-my-contemporaneous-documentation-contradicts-garland-weiss-on-hunter-case/

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