Maine CDC Accepting Rulemaking Comments On Immunization Requirements For Healthcare Workers. | September 13, 2021

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Email Public Comment To: [email protected]

Maine CDC needs to be flooded with public comments.

Here are some sample talking points. Re-write these in your own wording.

-Since the covid virus is 99+% curable without a face mask or a vaccine, I want [demand] government at all levels to stop issuing any and all mandates and stop all scare tactics. As Maine citizens and employees, we have the right to make our own medical decisions with our medical professionals as to the preventative measures and treatments we so choose for ourselves.

-We the People can decide ourselves if when we need to interactive with medical personnel, dental professionals and/or first responders whether we choose one who is masked, vaccinated or neither. We choose; not government, not bureaucrats.

-Freedom, not force!

-We support our healthcare workers’ right to choose.

-We the People want to keep our medical freedom.

-Holding healthcare workers jobs hostage is not informed consent.

-Coercion is not consent.

-My body, my choice.

-Gov Mills, please don’t make last year heroes this year unemployed.

-Where there is risk, there must be choice.

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