April 11, 2024
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Maine Right To Life Urges “No” Vote on LD1619 on May 1st

Maine Right To Life | by Karen Vachon | April 28, 2023

The Mills administration has given Mainers a death sentence.  The Pro-Abortion legislature majority has the votes to radically change Maine’s already very permissive abortion laws. This is a matter of Life and Death. For the love of LIFE in Maine we need EVERYONE doing ANYTHING and EVERYTHING each and every one of us can do. Please – everyone, give it your very best: Give what you do best. AND do something new that you’ve never done before.

Here’s a list of what you can do. Give yourself a challenge to do EVERYTHING!

1.     Send and email – this cut and paste email to your legislators right now. Click this link to

find their names. INSERT this message. Hit send.

Subject line on LD 1619: Governor’s bill inhumane and extreme – Vote NO on 1619

Email message: Dear Rep/Senator.{insert name}

Governor Mill’s bill, LD 1619, will make Maine one of the most permissive abortion

states in the US. Permitting abortion right up to birth for any reason. This is heartless,

radical, and extreme. It is beyond abortion, it is infanticide, and it is an absolute moral

disgrace to the state of Maine. Please vote NO on LD1619.

Signed: Name



2.     Come to Augusta – Monday, May 1st. Register with Speak Up for Life here – they will

send you more details. Here’s what is needed Monday – May 1st:

a.     Present Testimony – three options: (see attached)

                                                             i.     Presented in person by you before the legislative committee

                                                            ii.     Present virtual testimony

                                                          iii.     Submit written testimony*

Need help with message? There are coaches. Also the LIFE section of the Christian

Civic League is a great resource.

b.     Protest PEACEFULLY in Augusta

                                                             i.     Make a sign: VOTE NO on LD 1619 and hold it at the Capitol.

*NOTE: this is perfect for the people who want to submit written testimony.

3.     Believe If you pray, please pray. Pray for a miracle. The Pro-LIFE vs. Pro-Abortion

makeup of the legislature does NOT favor LIFE. Pray that we can change minds and hearts

of 14 lawmakers.

4.     Make Phone calls Call your fellow Pro-Life friends. Ask them to come, write, and

participate too. Also call you lawmakers. Tell them the Governor’s bill is too extreme.

If we/you do nothing, this bill WILL pass. Each one of us must take action. We must be the true voice for the innocent unborn. Please commit to do everything on this list – one way, shape, form or the other. For – if and when we do, no matter the outcome, we can honestly say we did everything possible.

See you in Augusta on Monday.  If you pray, please pray that God blesses our work.

For more information, go to HOME | mrlc (mainerighttolife.com)

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