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Michigan woman arrested after fetus found on sidewalk

New York Post | by Olivia Land | April 21, 2023

A Michigan woman was arrested this week in connection to a fetus found on a sidewalk in Flint, officials said. The 26-year-old woman, who has not been named, was taken into custody on Wednesday, the City of Flint Police Department said.

The arrest came one day after a passerby alerted police to a male fetus lying on the sidewalk on S Dort Highway in Flint, police said.

“There were no signs of life at that time,” police said of the remains. “It was later determined by the Medical Examiner that the gestational age was [approximately] 20-23 weeks.”

After the woman was identified by police, she was initially treated at the hospital before being transferred to Genesee County Jail.

Charges from the Genesee County Prosecutor’s Office are pending, police said.

Online commenters offered their condolences to the young woman.

“I can’t even imagine what brought her to this moment,” one Facebook user wrote.

The Flint police shared news of the arrest in a statement on Facebook.

“Don’t know the circumstances, so can’t judge!” another added.

“Praying for the Little Angel and mom!”

Source: Michigan woman arrested after fetus found on sidewalk (nypost.com)