June 10, 2024
2 years ago

Mothers & Truckers | American Heroes 2022 – Part 5

Salt of the Earth | Epidose 5: Elk City With Art (rough cut)

Yellow Bicycle | by Joshau Crone | March 22, 2022

Born in communist Poland, Artur Czajkowski knows where repressive policies lead. Now he’s trucking to D.C. with camera in tow to keep history from repeating itself.

Inspired by protests in Canada, a group of US truckers set off in a cross-country convoy that gains steam as it approaches Washington. Along the way they share their stories, their hopes and fears, their reasons for risking everything. A docuseries in 12 parts. Joshua Crone, Director. Richard Roddy, Executive Producer.

Visit Joshau Crone at https://yellowbicycle.org and/or jwcrone@gmail.com.


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