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Nonprofit releases guidebook to help parents fight ‘woke education’ in public schools

DavesPaper.com | by Calvin Audibert | May 16, 2022

Your Child’s Rights and what to do about them: PDF version

Southeastern Legal Foundation (SLF) launched a legal guidebook to help parents move from defense to offense in their fight against unconstitutional and illegal woke education.

SLF represents teachers in two federal court cases (Illinois and Missouri) challenging civil rights and free speech violations in public schools.  Last week, SLF submitted a highly publicized legal report to Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt requesting a formal investigation into illegal and invasive student surveys given without parental consent.

The most important battleground in the fight to save our American republic is the public schools. Understandably, parents wonder how to engage the public schools and actually win.

The law can be a powerful weapon, offering hope for a lasting victory. Before parents can successfully reclaim their children’s school, they first need to understand their rights as parents and their children’s rights as students. In direct response to thousands of parents with whom SLF has been in contact. SLF created its guidebook, titled “Your Child’s Rights and What to do About Them: A parent’s guide to saving America’s public schools,” to give parents the tools to stand up for their children in this fight for freedom.

America’s public schools have replaced color-blind education with race-based programming in the name of “equity.” They condition individuals to see only skin color, put everyone in a hierarchy of racial privilege, and pit racial groups against each other. They then use the full power of government to investigate and silence criticism of this hateful ideology. This is totalitarian tyranny, not a democratic republic.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that parents have had enough. They recognize that those putting this divisive and hateful ideology into practice are using our public schools to create a generation of “social justice warriors.” Parents are correct to recoil from terms like “equity” and “anti-racism.” They are deeply destructive and controversial ideas, the very opposite of equality.

For nearly 50 years, SLF has worked to reclaim civil liberties both in the courts of law and public opinion. SLF is leading the constitutional battle in the courtroom, filing the nation’s first comprehensive lawsuits against critical race theory in the classroom and teacher trainings. But in our experience parents need more than lawsuits; they need answers to their questions right now. SLF’s guidebook provides many of those answers. In it parents will find an overview of what to look for in their children’s schools, their rights as parents, their children’s rights as students, and hypotheticals to help them navigate problems they may encounter.

Kimberly Hermann, SLF General Counsel, explained: “It has been inspiring to watch the army of parent advocates activate and mobilize over the past two years. It’s our hope that SLF’s parent guidebook will become an indispensable tool for parents as they continue to fight to save America’s public schools.”

Source: Southeastern Legal Foundation Launches Legal Guidebook for Parents Fighting Woke Education | Southeastern Legal Foundation (slfliberty.org)

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