April 16, 2024


by Dean Allen | November 19, 2021

Going to the scene of a riot was poor judgment. I would have stayed away.

Once his life was threatened, Ritten house had no choice other than defend his own life.

The jury ruled consistent with both the law and the facts.

I am leaving town in an hour or so. Going out of state to spend Turkey Day with my sister. I won’t be posting here till after the first of December.

The country is not in such bad shape after all. Juries check prosecutorial overreach. Voters elect Republican governors. Doctors look up Joe Biden’s ass, looking for his missing brain.

I will stop now before the censors get me and disappear this. [DP Editor’s Note: This was originally a FB post. We will never censor anyone, let alone Mr. Dean!!]

Happy Turkey Day to all of you and stay safe if you travel.