April 13, 2024

Ohioan Patriot Drives Pickup In Giant Eagle Supermarket Parking Lot With Huge “Let’s Go Brandon” Flag

DavesPaper.com | November 20, 2021

Adam Radogna, drove around this afternoon at a Giant Eagle Supermarket parking lot flying a 10′ foot by 16′ foot “Let’s Go Brandon” flag on a 25′ foot high flagpole mounted on the back of his pickup.

“I don’t really plan on does these ahead of time,” Radogna said.

It hilarious to watch all of the responses to his flag.

As he stopped to take down the flag, people would line up took take photos and record video.

He can be found at Facebook: Adam Radogna


  1. Haha. I saw you and loved it. I was too far behind you to honk. People were filming and taking photos. Great job!!!

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