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Pearl Harbor, Facebook and FreedomSource University

DavesPaper.com | by Dean Allen | December 8, 2021

Regular readers of the STANDARD may know I have never been an early adapter of technology. When I use something, it is because it has amplified my abilities and reduced the time needed to accomplish a task. It has never been just to have the latest, fanciest, or most popular fad gizmo.

Publisher Michael Reed asked me to write my thoughts on the 80th anniversary of the Japanese attack on our navy base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. I love our country with all my heart and often write about interesting parts of our history on the date they happened.

For many years I have written to my 5,000 Facebook friends, about Pearl Harbor, on or near December 7th. This year was to be no exception. For several years those of us who lean to the conservative view of life have taken pride in being occasional residents of what we euphemistically called “Facebook Jail.”

Mr. Zuckerberg hired 7,500 censors whose job has been to keep conservative thought from being expressed by friends using his media. Get too much truth out there and his minions banish you from the platform for a period of time. In 2018, I was banished from the platform a total of eight months!

More recently, they have adopted a very different tactic. Most of the censorship has been automated. Today computer algorithms simply pick up certain key words and automatically delete what you have written! I started a week ago to write about the continuing importance of Pearl Harbor day. I started three separate times, only to have the censorship algorithm cause what I was writing to disappear.

Movie bill advertising the 1970 movie about the bombing of Pearl Harbor named, Tora! Tora! Tora!

That is why I am sitting at my keyboard at 1:15 AM on Pearl Harbor Day. Most of you already know the basic elements of what took place. Hollywood even made a movie about it: TORA! TORA! TORA!

Twelve days before the attack the Japanese fleet, including six aircraft carriers left Japan bound for Pearl Harbor. As the United States engaged in peace negotiations with Japan, in Washington, D. C.; the Japanese already knew they were going to war, waiting only for the cowardly unprovoked attack to happen.

Those ships carried 400 aircraft for the attack on Pearl harbor. Due to some mechanical difficulties 354 of those would actually attack our fleet. They attacked in two waves, one at 8 AM and the second an hour later. They sank five battleships and severely damaged four others. Twenty five hundred Americans died that Sunday morning in 1941, most of them when the magazine of the battleship Arizona exploded. More than a thousand other Americans were wounded in the attacks in which the Japanese lost only 69 men.

The Facebook algorithm would not allow me to state those simple, and well known, facts. This is, after all, the eightieth anniversary of what President Franklin D. Roosevelt said was “A day that will live in infamy.” The political left in America does not admire, or respect, any of the blood sacrifices American patriots have made in order to found, then preserve, our republic.

USS Arizona December 7th, 1941, as she burned at Pearl Harbor following a surprise attack by Japanese war planes.
Seaman Second Class Dorie Miller
Dorie Miller

For example, I could recite the often told story of Seaman Dorie Miller, a Black man who manned a .50 caliber machine gun, even though he was not trained in its use, being a cook. His heroism was honored when Miller was awarded the Navy Cross, our nation’s second highest medal for valor.

Before the war ended, Miller was killed in Action when another ship he was on was sunk by the Japanese. In recent years, Miller’s Navy Cross has been upgraded to the Medal of Honor. The Navy also plans to name a new nuclear super carrier now under construction the DORIE MILLER; an honor usually reserved only for fleet admirals or presidents of the United States with naval service.

The left minimizes all the recognition and respect the Navy, the United States government and the American people, have bestowed on this heroic sailor who gave his life defending our freedom. The truth undermines communist dogma which teaches America and all its institutions are “racist”. They call this dogma “Critical Race Theory” usually shortened to just it’s acronym CRT.

CRT teaches that the American Revolution was only to protect the institution of slavery, even though the English continued slavery another six decades after our Declaration of Independence was written. CRT teaches everything you love about America is “racist”! Everything Norman Rockwell painted, everything Paul Harvey, Billy Graham, and others admired about America, was all racist! Mark Twain was a racist! Even the Bible is racist, along with every other book written by dead White men!

CRT and Book Burning

I was at a Christmas Party just last night, speaking with a retired librarian who worked thirty four years at a community college here in South Carolina. She told me the new librarian who replaced her is taking books which are no longer popular with the left and tossing them into a dumpster. She even recounted how some of those books were tossed into a furnace and burned up!

Marxists, Islamists and other totalitarians destroy legitimate literature. Photo courtesy Ya Libnan

The main teaching of CRT is that ALL White people are “racists”. Let that sink in. You are a racist if you are White! Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, the Wright Brothers, All seven of the Ringling Brothers of circus fame; all racists, along with FDR, John F. Kennedy, and Neil Armstrong.

I would have liked to discuss the history leading up to the attack on Pearl Harbor and the effect that attack had on our nation and people. I could have written how the cowardly attack on our flag galvanized the entire American nation to unite and unconditionally win the resultant war in three years and eight months.

Alas, Facebook has restricted my account and will not allow that story to be told any more. Unfortunately, unionized Marxist teachers in K-12 schools are promoting CRT and defaming the stories of heroic White people who sacrificed their all to defend the freedom of everyone! The truth simply does not fit into the CRT narrative!

Lemons into Lemonade—FreedomSource University

To counter Facebook censorship, growing worse by the hour, I created FreedomSource University to preserve endangered American culture by saving our literature the left is busy erasing. FreedomSource University has been recognized as a 501(c)3 tax exempt charitable institution.

While our primary emphasis is on collecting and preserving American literature written in the 19th and 20th centuries, it is also the new home of my writing. You are encouraged to check out our website, where you will see my future writing uncensored.

Any college, school or public librarian who decides to eliminate volumes of American Literature from their collections, is welcome to donate those to FreedomSource University. Private collections are welcomed as well. Did your grandfather spend a lifetime acquiring a collection of rare old books and the family really has no interest in keeping the collection intact? You may donate them to FreedomSource University and receive a tax deduction in return.

American Institutions are Under Attack!

CRT is every bit as much of an attack on America as the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was! Our institutions are under assault by a communist doctrine whose purpose is to divide us racially, socially, morally, and theologically, thus weakening America further, so our youth may more easily be persuaded to abandon this republic for communism.

I mentioned Mark Twain, possibly America’s greatest novelist, earlier. Like every young man in America, I was thrilled to read THE ADVENTURES OF TOM SAWYER and especially THE ADVENTURES OF HUCKLEBERRY FINN. These classic American tales have entertained American boys for over a century. I read them in the early 1960’s. Like many other young boys, for a while, I wanted to build a raft and float down the Mississippi River.

The left was attacking Huckleberry Finn, long before the CRT nonsense started. Since Mark Twain called one of the protagonists in the book “nigger Jim” the whole work was deemed racist and suddenly not suitable for adolescent reading.

If you have not read HUCKLEBERRRY FINN since you were a child, I urge you to get a copy and read it again as an adult. You will see clearly Twain selected Huckleberry Finn and “nigger Jim” as his protagonists because each came from the lowest segment of American society. The beautifully written and highly entertaining story does indeed chronicle these two friends floating down the mighty Mississippi in a raft. It is also much more as well. Twain describes in great detail how they were social outcasts to be abused by society.

HUCKLEBERRY FINN is, in fact, one of the strongest anti-slavery books ever written! Mark Twain had the ability to do what Harriet Beecher Stowe never could. Mark Twain got everyone in the South to read books highly critical of slavery because he used humor and told highly entertaining stories people related to. This is precisely the sort of great literature CRT advocates want to burn.

Admiral Chester Nimitz
Admiral Chester Nimitz

I started once to write about Admiral Chester Nimitz inspecting Pearl Harbor, after he assumed command following the attack. After a long day inspecting the destruction while fires still burned and oil slicks covered the surface of the ocean.

At the end of the day, Admiral Nimitz said we were in good shape and would soon be taking the war to the Japanese. He based his optimism on three things. We still had a working dry dock that was not bombed. We could repair and re float many of the ships damaged in the attack, without having to tow them to the US west coast for repairs. We also had a nearby tank farm containing thousands of gallons of high octane aviation gasoline. This could fuel our aircraft to counter attack our new enemy. Nimitz’ final observation was, all four of our aircraft carriers were at sea and avoided any damage during the attack.

In like manner, I am convinced in spite of the CRT nonsense and leftist censorship of traditional social media platforms; our republic will survive this too. With FreedomSource University, there is literally a place to preserve our written literature. Newspapers like the STANDARD are countering communist lies with the truth.

President Donald J. Trump has announced he is creating a new conservative social media network which will be free of censorship. I eagerly anticipate the launch of that platform and will be among the earliest adopters of that system. FreedomSource is not in competition with the anticipated Trump social media. We are simply providing a place where we can write each other without censorship.

The STANDARD newspaper is gaining readership, therefore influence, in the important Upstate of South Carolina. Once again the truth is making people free.

Last week I was writing on Facebook. Today, the 80th anniversary of the Day that lives in Infamy, I am writing on a word processor. As Paul Harvey used to say… now you know the rest of the story!

Dean Allen is a decorated Vietnam veteran, book author and former Secretary of the Anderson (SC) GOP.

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