June 21, 2024

People’s World Amistad Awards 2021: MAKING GOOD TROUBLE

Host: Connecticut People’s World Committee

Date|Time: SATURDAY, DECEMBER 11, 2021 AT 3:45 PM

People’s World Amistad Awards
Together We Rise For A Hopeful Future
This year’s People’s World Amistad Awards will be held Saturday, December 11, 2021 at 4:00 pm as a virtual program, with printed greeting book mailed to participants. The theme is MAKING GOOD TROUBLE Together We Rise for a Hopeful Future.

We are excited to announce this year’s awardees. They are in the forefront of fighting for the rights of essential workers and all workers irregardless of immigration status during the COVID pandemic, and organizing for spending priorities that address racial equity, climate change, voting rights and the common good. They represent the kind of unity, solidarity and vision needed to build the movement that can transform our country to put people, peace and planet before profits:

State Sen Julie Kushner, Senate Chair of the Labor and Public Employees Committee, is a lifelong organizer and coalition builder for worker rights, as the first woman director of UAW Region 9-A, and an outstanding legislative champion winning paid family and medical leave, raising the minimum wage, climate and jobs legislation, COVID recall rights, and racial and gender equity.

Pastor Rodney Wade, Senior Pastor of Long Hill Bible Church in Waterbury, is a tireless and fearless leader for equity and justice, as a faith leader of the state-wide Recovery for All coalition of labor, community and faith based organizations united to eliminate systemic inequalities. and with Naugatuck Valley Project and other groups providing hope and inspiration to the community.

Azucena Santiago, is a courageous leader with 32BJ SEIU in the fight for union rights and health protections for Service Plaza workers. When McDonald’s reduced her hours after she began organizing her co-workers, Azucena filed a complaint with the NLRB and won back pay. She has testified before the State Legislature, led marches and rallies, and is the mother of two.

Plus a special “IN SOLIDARITY” with the contract fight of Unions at Yale, and the AFT/community struggle to keep maternity services at Windham hospital.

The Awards are hosted by CT People’s World on the occasion of the 102nd anniversary of the Communist Party USA. Spanish language interpretation will be available.

The deadline for adbook submissions is November 20, 2021. For more information to place a greeting in the adbook, contact: ct-pww@pobox.com.If there is a need for complimentary passes, please also feel free to contact via email.

MAKING GOOD TROUBLE together we rise for a hopeful future.

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