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RCMP say more blockades forming in southern Alberta

Western Standard | by Melanie Risdon | February 1, 2022

New blockades have begun to appear in and around the same area where protesters have been set up at the Coutts border blockade, say the RCMP.

RCMP said they have been made aware of new blockades forming and have confirmed they will be monitoring the situation “with the full support of other Alberta law enforcement partners.”

RCMP tweet

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney says RCMP officers at the Coutts border crossing have been assaulted and a cruiser rammed by some of the 100 remaining protesters.

Kenney said the allegations were brought to him on Tuesday when senior RCMP officers briefed him on the ongoing standoff.

“This is a serious situation,” Kenney said at a press conference, describing incidents of RCMP being “swarmed” by protesters.

He said one RCMP vehicle was rammed which caused another accident.

Kenney said he was “disappointed that a small number had broken the law.

“This is totally unacceptable. I am calling for calm.”

Kenney said RCMP told him 10,000 vehicles initially took part in a rolling convoy around the border crossing and RCMP “have done what they can” to deal with the remaining protesters.

He said the 100 remaining truckers have “negotiated in bad faith” with the RCMP trying to bring the standoff to an end.

“Albertans respect the rule of law,” said Kenney, adding he would not cross RCMP lines to meet with protesters.

“I want to thank the RCMP and the thousands of truck drivers who just want to make a living,” said the premier, adding it appears the blockade would be there “for some time to come.”

Kenney said 30 truckers were trapped on the US side of the border by the blockade and had no food for three days until they were “thankfully released.”

Kenney said the Coutts crossing sees $6 million of goods passing through every day.

Kenney said Alberta ministers have been in touch with federal officials to ask for more staffing on Alberta’s three other border crossings into the US.

The truckers are protesting vaccine mandates in Canada and Alberta.

Melanie Risdon is a reporter with the Western Standard

Source:  https://westernstandardonline.com/2022/02/rcmp-say-more-blockades-forming-in-southern-alberta/


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