June 12, 2024
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This is how a tyrannical government treats a female journalist

DavesPaper.com | by Calvin Audibert | February 19, 2022

Rebel News reporter, Alexa Lavoie was struck several times by Justin Trudeau’s military thugs. Here is the video, and we are warning you, it’s tough to watch. This is what the “Global Reset” looks like. Read Rebel News article below.

An another note but related to this story.

We received several reports yesterday (Friday) and more today that the “riot police” as you see in this video beating this female reporter, do not speak English or French.

Which begs the question, who are these “riot police” and where did they come from?

We are still working on the answers for these two questions and will have an update here when we have the answers.

Editor Note: Please message us should this video be taken down from Twitter. We have a made of file back up of this and will use it if necessary.

BREAKING: Rebel News journalist Alexa Lavoie attacked by Ottawa police

Rebel News | by Ian Miles Cheong | February 19, 2022

Rebel News CEO Ezra Levant has spoken with Alexa and with legal counsel. We will sue the police on Alexa’s behalf.

As police and “Freedom Convoy” demonstrators faced off in downtown Ottawa on early Saturday morning, police turned physical towards the protest line, deploying riot suppression devices and striking multiple protesters.

On Saturday, the gridlock continued as police, who formed a line in front of the protesters, attempted to push back against demonstrators gathered at the city center.

Amid loud pops, Rebel News’s Quebec-based reporter Alexa Lavoie was directly hit by police during the melee, injuring her. 

Prior to the melee, at least two police officers can be seen accidentally dropping some of their less-lethal firearms and attempting to pick them back up as other officers push back the line.

According to police early Saturday, officers will attempt to retake more streets from demonstrators in the city’s downtown core, where more than 100 checkpoints remain to keep more protestors from entering Ottawa.

“I just spoke with Alexa Lavoie, our brave reporter who was just assaulted by Trudeau’s police,” said Ezra Levant. “She tells me a cop hit her three times with a club and then shot a tear gas canister at her leg from point-blank range. Trudeau has instructed his police to attack journalists.”

“Alexa says she was specifically targeted by a cop who saw her camera. She says he came up to her and beat her and pushed her down. She says he tried to knock the phone out of her hands, to stop her from filming,” Levant added, noting that police were captured on film beating a woman with a stick, and shooting her at point-blank range with a tear gas round. 

“I have spoken with Alexa and with legal counsel. We will sue the police on Alexa’s behalf. I know the rest of the Media Party is delighting at Trudeau’s brutality and martial law. But we still believe in peace and freedom,” said Levant. 

Last July, Lavoie made the waves when she had the opportunity to ask Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a question at a debate and had her microphone terminated. 

Rebel News journalist David Menzies was previously assaulted by Trudeau’s RCMP security detail on Dec. 9. 

Rebel News will provide up-to-date coverage of Lavoie’s condition and continue to provide minute-to-minute coverage of the protests in Ottawa and elsewhere in Canada, where several other demonstrations are expected to take place over the weekend.

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