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Tom Brady Bestows Bitcoin To Fan In Exchange For 600th Touchdown Football

Bitcoin | by Best Owie | October 26, 2021

U.S. football star Tom Brady has recently scored his 600th touchdown in the sport. A lucky fan had gotten the ball after Mike Evans had given it to him at the game. However, the fan did not get to keep the ball. Being Brady’s 600th touchdown, this ball carries significant value. The ball was valued at around $500,000 following the historic moment. This is because it marked a significant milestone in the career of fan-favorite, Tom Brady.

Brady Gives Fan A Bitcoin

Although the lucky fan did not get to keep the ball, they did score some significant perks from returning the ball. The fan, identified as Byron, had returned the ball before asking for anything in return. But this did not stop the star athlete and the team from rewarding the fan for returning the ball.

Talking to ESPN, Brady revealed that the fan had gotten some impressive rewards in exchange for the ball. The football star said that Byron had gotten two signed Brady jerseys and a helmet. He also got a jersey and cleats signed by Brady’s teammate Mike Evans, who had been responsible for giving the ball away. Byron also got two season tickets for two years and credit to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers store up to $1,000.

These rewards are impressive for returning a ball. However, the most important of them was the reward Brady himself had given to the fan. The athlete told ESPN that he had personally gifted Byron one bitcoin, worth over $62,000 at the time of this writing, for returning the ball. The fan may not have gotten the iconic 600th touchdown ball but he no doubt has gotten way more than anyone would’ve anticipated.

Brady Turns 600th Ball Into NFT

Brady also revealed his plan for the 600th touchdown ball. He told ESPN that he had turned the ball into a limited series NFT. The NFT is available on autograph.io. Brady launched the NFT platform earlier in the year alongside star tennis player Naomi Osaka, in a bid to facilitate digital ownership of sports memorabilia for sports fans.

The football star had taken a keen interest in the crypto space and has made some notable moves since then. Brady announce in June that he had taken an equity stake in the fast-growing cryptocurrency exchange FTX. The stake was part of a long-term partnership between the football star and the cryptocurrency exchange.

Brady has also shown support for crypto throughout the year. The football star said he believed in crypto and explained he was in the market for the long term. He had even changed his Twitter profile picture to the infamous laser eyes used to signify crypto enthusiasts. Although Brady said the NFL might be behind in catching up to crypto, he does not plan to follow that trend.

Source: Tom Brady Bestows Bitcoin To Fan In Exchange For 600th Touchdown Football (bitcoinist.com)