April 11, 2024
2 years ago

Trump Is The Leader America Needs Now and 2024

DavesPaper.com | by David Ireland | September 7, 2022

It is funny as in coincidence that I was driving home at 1am this morning and turned on the SiriusXM radio to only hear a distinguished gentleman itemizing the “Trump Virtues”. For yesterday afternoon, I had a heated disagreement with a dear friend (and he is still a dear friend although we disagree) who resides in Ohio.

“The MAGA movement is bigger than Trump”, he told me firmly.

“We need someone who can now carry this movement forward”!

I respectfully disagreed with my dear friend.

Many do not understand what President Trump and his family has had to endure since 2015. The amount of steadfastness, backbone, and price it has required. President Trump makes it look easy, so many thinks it is easy.

No, the MAGA movement is not larger than the 45th President…IT IS THE 45TH PRESIDENT. The MAGA movement was not a palely group that was sitting by waiting for a charismatic leader to come along to jumpstart the party. The MAGA movement is exactly what Donald Trump was saying since the early 1980s.

President Donald J. Trump’s leadership is what exactly what America (who is on life support in ICU) needs today and in 2024 should he choose to run for president. I encourage all of the Trumper doubters to watch a speech the chairman of the Claremont Institute, Thomas Klingenstein gave a few months ago.

These are the reasons why President Donald J. Trump is the MAGA movement. And these are the reasons why there will never be another leader like him again.

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