June 16, 2024
2 years ago

Two Florida Activists Make The Case Why Governor DeSantis Must Veto SB 7014.

DavesPaper.com | by David Ireland | February 22, 2022

Those who participated in the Covid agenda must be held to account. Providing them with legal immunity for their crimes is not the answer. It is just another crime.

– Dr. Christiane Northrup, physician, NY Times bestselling author and one of Biden’s Mis-information Dirty Dozen

DavesPaper.com met up with two leading healthcare freedom activists in Florida yesterday afternoon to discuss why Governor Ron DeSantis must veto SB 7014, grassroot organizing and training for citizens to know how to engage their elected officers and staff.

Attorney Shawn McBride of American Freedom Information Institute and former commercial pilot/veteran fighter pilot Tom Oltorik, state director FL Freedom Flyers Political Action gave a pretty good rundown as to the state of healthcare freedom in Florida.

February 14th Letter Urging FL Governor To Veto SB 7014

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