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Your Life Will Be Destroyed When Government Can’t Borrow or Print Money With Value!

News With Views | by Andrew Wallace | May 13, 2023

Half of the population, one way or another, is being supported by the government. But that must stop when government can no longer borrow or print money that has any value.

Those two circumstances can happen at any time, and when they do, we will sink into a worldwide depression of starvation and destruction of terrible proportions. Which, of course, is the objective of the Parasitic Super- Rich Ruling Class (PSRRC), wealthy families, to make way for their Great Reset and New World Order.

The PSRRC wants to rule us as slaves, or dead (Covid Vaccine and Depopulation).

They really don’t care if we are slaves or dead.

One of the few advantages of being 89 years old is that you don’t have to rely on questionable reports by serial liars in academia, government, or media for their interpretation of recent history, because you have lived it!

When I left the military in the fifties, we had a middle class; a couple could buy a home and a car, and the wife would not have to work.

You could buy a new car for $2,000, and you were safe with adequate law enforcement. Our cities were not dangerous, ugly hell-holes ruled by Communists, and are now populated by some decent people, terrorized by ignorant thugs, dependent on the government, with inadequate police protection.

As a State Trooper in the fifties, my orders were to kill the people with kindness, but if necessary to protect my life or the lives of others, to kill the perpetrators.

There is no substitute for Law and Order with Equal Justice, which we don’t have in the Communist cities or with the federal government (most of which is fake and unconstitutional). The cities will not be safe until they shoot looters on sight; the same goes for invaders at the border.

For many people to understand the serious nature of our problem, I need to relate a little history and economics.

Remember, you are broke if you have no money, or if the money you have is worthless.

In December of 1957, I could buy an ounce of gold for $344; gold now sells for about $2,000 an ounce, which makes it a store of value (also it is Constitutional money). If I purchased a product for $1 in 1957, that same product would cost me $30.49 today, an increase of 2,948.8%. Please understand that the “purchasing power” of gold remains relatively stable, but the price of gold in dollars fluctuates. In simple terms, you lose $1 in purchasing power out of every $6 you earn, due to inflation.

Inflation and taxes are impoverishing you and transferring much of your wealth to the Parasitic Super-Rich Ruling Class (PSRRC).

This has been going on for more than 70 years, and explains why your families had accumulated little to pass on to you. The PSRRC has taken it.

Lenin said to raise prices by “increasing money supply inflation”, which would destroy economic freedom.

If the Communists in power can destroy the currency, they will destroy the basis of society. DESTRUCTION OF THE COUNTRY IS THE ULTIMATE OBJECTIVE OF THE PSRRC.
Alexander Tyler said that “Democracy can exist until the people discover that they can live off of the government”. Of course, this is what is happening in the Communist cities, where they are being unconstitutionally funded with tax money from those who work.

We are a Republic, and “democracy” only means the right to vote. Otherwise, democracy alone is mob rule, and fails every time. Just like Communism always results in dictatorship.

As an Economist and student of the Constitution, I am well aware of the treason being committed against the United States by the PSRRC, ‘woke’ corporations, elected officials, bureaucrats of the administrative state, judges, military flag officers, and all good communists in the education system.

The Constitution says that treason is giving aid to the enemy. Hell, these people ARE the enemy, and should be dealt with accordingly!

We must have a middle-class again, with a living wage. That can be done quickly by re-instituting tariffs (as Trump started) that protect the wages of American workers, and replace the income tax.

Tariffs make it impossible for imports to undersell American- made products. It is not now being done because of the greedy anti-Americans in the PSRRC and in their ‘woke’ corporations.

Of course, the millions of illegal invaders must be quickly deported at any cost; few speak English, most have no education or skills, and bring only crime, disease, and dependence.

It is unconstitutional…and treason!…to spend tax money to support illegal invaders!

When everything goes to hell in a hand basket, the millions of illegal invaders will be fighting Americans in the streets over scarce resources. There will be blood in the streets. Did the Democrats open the borders for voters, or for an opposition army, or both?

If you live in the states, tell Biden and his fellow travelers to stuff their executive orders, for they have absolutely no authority in the states. Executive Orders apply only to federal government employees and contractors!

It is time for people to stand up for themselves and the Constitution!

If that was not enough, the straw that breaks the back of our economy is the following: A group of ignorant, greedy SOBs in government decided to cause a war in Ukraine.

This is insane, as Ukraine is the most corrupt country in Europe, and Russia has largest supply of nuclear weapons in the world. The PSRRC in DC is pushing this war so they can get richer. Then, they foolishly decided to put economic controls on Russia and freeze their assets.

The result was that Russia’s economy increased and ours decreased (both Europe and the United States). The imbeciles in our government are as ignorant as a box of rocks.

These actions caused a cascade of negative events for our economy. What little trust that other countries had was eroded, and they formed other economic unions in opposition to our world currency. In simple terms, others will not buy our government debt to absorb some of our “money” printed out of thin air.

This reduces government’s ability to fund no- win wars for profit, and unlawful welfare programs for votes. It also lowers our standard of living.

The icing on the cake is that this causes stock and bond prices to decline, which causes banks to fail. The FDIC is a joke; they shot their wad on only two bank failures, and violated the law when they did it.

In other words, the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Bank can either print more money, causing our currency to be worthless, or it can reduce the interest rate. But it can’t win, because of money coming home from other countries, thanks to government’s stupidity with Russia.

I don’t ask anyone to violate the few laws that are legitimate; I only beg you to obey the Constitution and to ignore and refute the many unconstitutional laws!

You must also demand that your government officials do the same. History teaches that, otherwise, you could have a French Reign of Terror. We are well into the conditions that brought on the French Reign of Terror.

You must know your Enemy. And your real Enemy is the Parasitic Super-Rich Ruling Class (PSRRC), wealthy families who direct the ‘woke’ corporations to take anti-American actions to the detriment of the people and our republic.

‘Woke’ corporations bribe our officials, promote wars for profit, pay Antifa and BLM to burn our cities and their competitors, destroyed our middle-class by outsourcing, opened borders for cheap labor, promoted anti-God and anti-American propaganda with transgenderism, and manipulated fiat money to impoverish the people.  [Read the 125 year old history book “The Coming Battle” predicting how large corporations will enslave the American people, published in 1899.]

To the extent possible, you should not invest in, buy from, work for, or associate with ‘woke’ corporations, or those who do! ‘Woke’ corporations are the Enemy.

God Bless You and the Constitutional Republic

© 2023 Andrew Wallace – All Rights Reserved

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Andrew C. Wallace is a former Kentucky State Trooper, Kentucky Native, Korean War Veteran, Commercial Pilot in Alaska, University of Kentucky Undergraduate in Business, Four years of Graduate School in Economics and Marketing at University of Kentucky and University of Iowa., Assistant Professor, Thirty years as Director of Marketing Firm developing and implementing national Marketing programs for manufacturers and now retired doing research and writing. E-Mail: natlmktg@gte.net

Source: Your Life Will Be Destroyed When Government Can’t Borrow or Print Money With Value! – News With Views

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