July 13, 2024

2022 American Exceptionalism Tour | East Coast Edition

DavesPaper.com | by DavesPaper Staff | April 11, 2022

When we started to expand into video content creation little over a year ago, we started with a Samsung Note 9 and a Samsung Note 20 Ultra. Today, we have more video/audio and lighting equipment than can fit in this picture.

We are excited to have been able to increase our equipment and skill level as we look to increase our game of meeting and telling the stories of amazing American patriots.

DavesPaper.com is looking for America First events to cover and America First candidates or good ole American patriots to interview. Let us know if there’s an event you think we should report on or an American patriot story we need to tell. Email us at editor@DavesPaper.com or reach us on our Contact Page with your information.

Here’s our tentative schedule:

  • April 19, 20 | Maine to Massachusetts
  • April 21 | Connecticut to Maryland
  • April 22 | Maryland to South Carolina
  • April 23 | South Carolina to Florida
  • April 24 | Orlando, Florida – Save A Generation Event
  • April 28 | Largo, Florida – Save A Generation Event
  • April 29 | Venice, Florida – Save A Generation Event
  • May 1 | Florida to Georgia
  • May 2 | Georgia to Kentucky, tentative
  • May 3 | Kentucky to Ohio, tentative
  • May 4 | Ohio to Connecticut, tentative
  • May 5 | Connecticut to Maine, tentative

We look forward to sharing our experiences and interviews as we crisscross the United States of America in the search to see if American Exceptionalism is alive and well in 2022.

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