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Check out the latest developments on bills pending before state lawmakers in four key topics. Click on the bill to learn more about where it stands in the process of becoming a law, read the text of the legislation, and see how lawmakers have voted.  Click here…



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13 thoughts on “Maine CDC Accepting Rulemaking Comments On Immunization Requirements For Healthcare Workers.”

  1. Please give them a choice ! No one should be forced to take a shot to keep their job. Give them a weekly testing option, give them a mask option, there are so many ways to avoid being forced/threatened.

    1. We have test 2 times monthly and wear masks and goggles from the time we enter the building . The only option as I see it is to remove the mandate!

  2. Please consider why some people don’t want the vaxx, and respect their right to choose.
    I have a strong immune but weak heart and am frightened to get the vaxx.
    I beg you to consider everyone’s right to choose and back off on mandates.

  3. I’ve been a nurse for 34 years and because of the covid shot mandated by Governor Mills, I will be losing my job for exercising my constitutional right.

  4. Making these vaccinations mandatory is not only inhumane but unconstitutional as well,these decisions ARE NOT for government to decide.this is a patient Dr conversation and the government has no right to intervene.this is government overreach to the extreme and will not be tolerated whatsoever.for months you have been preaching to the masses to follow the science and yet here you are ignoring the very science we were told to follow.you cannot be trusted any longer to make sound decisions on the publics behalf and that is a very scary situation to be in.this must stop and stop now before all liberties and freedoms are lost forever.the adverse effects from this could be astronomical and way beyond anything anyone can foresee.this is a time when doing the right thing means just that,do let influence cloud the better judgement that needs to be followed at this point.

  5. Since the covid virus is 99+% curable without a face mask or a vaccine, I want [demand] government at all levels to stop issuing any and all mandates and stop all scare tactics. As Maine citizens and employees, we have the right to make our own medical decisions with our medical professionals as to the preventative measures and treatments we so choose for ourselves.

    We the People can decide ourselves if when we need to interactive with medical personnel, dental professionals and/or first responders whether we choose one who is masked, vaccinated or neither. We choose; not government, not bureaucrats.

    Freedom, not force!

  6. I very much oppose medical mandating. It is our rights as citizens to have a say what goes into our bodies. Remember Mills you are for my body my choice, did you forget that statement!! Follow the constitution.

    1. These are all great posts, but I want to make it clear these posts are not going to the CDC’s website. Everyone be sure to click on the Maine CDC website link and submit your responses on their form. Thank you for all of the wonderful posts here and messages we are receiving privately. We are all in this together and we will be triumphant.

  7. I for one am not happy being forced to take something that isn’t safe. I have done my research and read the information. Please look at these links. Please follow these links and see what dangers there are for these vaccines.
    Dr. on Covid Vax. We screwed up
    Unborn Fetus dies after mother receives Pfizer vaccine

    Scientific news article on COVID and people dying before 2025

    Doctor Wants To Be ‘Scary To The Public’ And Inflate COVID Numbers, ‘If You Don’t Get Vaccinated, You Know You’re Going To Die’

    This is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Do the research. I do not want to be injected with poison.

  8. It’s absolutely terrible what you people are doing to medical staff, we worked all through “covid” we caught it gave it to our families missed so much time with our kids watch the lock down destroy our residents and now you say if we don’t do as we’re told we can’t be nurses? Why all of a sudden is natural immunity not good enough? I find the whole bunch of you people, from the cdc to the governor to the president and especially fauci he is a very egotistical person. I’m becoming ashamed of the people running my beautiful country!

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