April 19, 2024

A Brief History of Tyranny of the Majority

“Tyranny of the Majority is a situation that can result from a system of majority rule, wherein the majority group places its own interests above the interests of a minority group without consideration for the welfare or rights of the minority.

Ancient Greek political thinkers realized the potential for a tyranny of the majority to occur in government. The Greeks called this type of government an ochlocracy, defined as government by mob rule . . . In the early years of the United States, John Adams and James Madison both recognized the danger of a potential tyranny of the majority and took action to prevent it from happening. In Adams’ 1788 work ‘A Defense of the Constitutions of Government of the United States of America,’ he wrote that a government ruled by a unicameral elected body would be dangerous, and he argued instead for a mixed government with three separate branches. In the Federalist Papers, Madison discussed how an overbearing majority faction could take control of the government.”

Fast forward to 2021. The system of government that our forefathers created has been hijacked, as we have been living under one person reign for over a year, with the legislature being shut out from upholding its duty to represent the people and legislate. This is the scenario Adams warned about, and one reason for needing separate branches of government, where the executive branch is, by design, the weakest.

Last week the Democrat majority decided to increase the abuse of Mainers with their majority and force mob-rule on Maine people in regards to the budget. The Biennial Budget is the biggest, most important, and ONLY required piece of legislation that the body is to pass. They are forcing their ill-conceived Biennial Budget by majority vote and refusing to allow Republican representatives, who represent over 400 Maine communities, to have a voice in the process or the final outcome of the budget. It is absolutely taxation without representation. It is Tyranny of the Majority. Madison wrote about this exact thing 234 years ago.

I wish this was just a terrible film. But I am afraid that this is reality. Democrats just told Maine people they don’t care about you or me – they only care about their own agenda and forcing their will upon us.

I, for one, will not comply. I will stand and I will continue to fight to save our Constitutional Republic and restore our governance to how our Founding Fathers originally created it; where the power lies with the PEOPLE not with the rulers. Let us join together to make our voices heard in 2022 by removing those that have abused their majority.


Thank you to Master Class for their excellent explanation of “Tyranny of the Majority.” https://bit.ly/2PzvYqu

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