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Bangor Chinese School celebrates the year of the rabbit

News Center Maine | by Sam Olsen | January 23, 2023

The year of the rabbit symbolizes peace, happiness, and health, according to the school’s president.

BANGOR, Maine — People came together in Bangor Sunday afternoon to welcome the Chinese New Year. The year of the rabbit is expected to bring some calmness to our lives, as it symbolizes peace, happiness, and health.

The Bangor Chinese School held the gathering which consisted of student performances, Chinese medicine demonstrations, and holiday food.

“That is so meaningful, so important for the local young people and even adults to know more about the Chinese culture,” Jing Zhang, president of the Bangor Chinese School, said.

The celebration was not limited to families involved with the school. Stephen Myers said he wanted to attend the celebration because he has a close connection to Chinese culture.

Myers moved to China with his family when he was young, and he lived there for 25 years. Myers moved back to Maine last year, but he said the Chinese culture remains important to him.

“You live someplace for a long time, then it becomes kind of a part of you,” he added.

As one’s culture can bring a sense of belonging, cultural differences around the world are also bringing division. That divide shows us how critical it is to try and be accepting and understanding.

For Zhang, she said it’s part of her mission to teach people about Chinese traditions, viewpoints, and beliefs.

“I think as a Chinese American, [we have] an obligation to share the language and the culture,” Zhang said.

Source: Lunar New Year celebrated at Bangor Chinese School |

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