June 13, 2024

Branch Covidians and Karens

Louder With Crowder | by Brodigan | January 26, 2022

Parts of America are experiencing Mask Mandate 2: Panic Porn Boogaloo. As with the original mask mandates, you wind up with Mask Karens. These are the women who watch too much CNN and have Anthony Fauci’s face in a very strategic spot on their panties. They also voted for Joe Biden and are among the minority of Americans who don’t think he is a senile nincompoop. Mask Karens will lash out at any naked face or anyone who dares to make a different decision than them. We’ve seen two incidents of Mask Karenism this week alone.

Sen. Rand Paul was kind enough to offer advice on what to do when confronted by a Mask Karen. (h/t Townhall)

Let me first say that in the name of inclusivity and tolerance, there are plenty of Mask Cecils, too. We haven’t settled on the male version of “Karen” yet, so I’m giving Cecil a spin. Mask Cecils are worse because they tend to be creepers who prey on women.

But since Mask Karens are more common out in the wild…

“See, I would say bear spray, but I’m afraid that will get me in trouble so I won’t say that.”

No bear spray. Got it.

“I think you should back away and say, ‘Lady, you are crazy, leave me the hell alone,’ but you should not confront her. You should not use violence. Back away and just say look, can you not find some other lunatic friends to hang around with?”

Back away is the second-best advice. I was confronted by a Mask Karen at the gym once. Besides demanding people around her wear masks, she also had the machine she was working on covered in paper towels like it was a toilet seat in Penn Station. Sometimes, discretion is the better part of valor. But backing away is only the SECOND-BEST advice.

The best advice is to take out your smartphone, start recording, and do what you can to trigger a more extreme reaction from the Mask Karen. Sometimes ignoring her does the trick. Other times, you gotta keep poking her with the proverbial stick until she freaks the hell out. Do it for the content. Some of us have jobs to worry about.

Source: Rand Paul On What to Do When Confronted by ‘Mask Karen’ – Louder With Crowder

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