July 16, 2024
2 years ago

DavesPaper.com Interviews Maine Congressional Candidate, Liz Caruso

DavesPaper.com | DP News Staff | June 2, 2022

DavesPaper.com caught up with Maine’s 2nd Congressional candidate, Liz Caruso after she addressed a group of Republicans at the Waterville Elks Lodge on May 23.

In full disclosure, DavesPaper.com has reached out to the Bruce Poliquin on several occasions for an interview (Bruce Poliquin himself back on April 15 told DavesPaper.com he would do an interview) and DP has yet to hear back from Mr. Poliquin or his campaign as of the date of this article.

Here is what Ms. Caruso had to tell us about her campaign, who she is and what she would do as Maine’s next CD-2 Congresswoman:

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