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Biden convening congressional leaders to discuss legislative priorities

Reuters | by Doina Chiacu and Richard Cowan | November 29, 2022

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -U.S. President Joe Biden is convening congressional leaders on Tuesday to discuss legislative priorities through the end of the year, the White House said.

Biden scheduled the meeting for 10:30 a.m. (1530 GMT), the White House said without elaborating on participants.

At the top of lawmakers’ list of priorities in the so-called lame duck session is funding the federal government beyond Dec. 16, when existing money runs out.

The National Defense Authorization Act is also on the list, as well as Senate confirmation of more federal judges and the Electoral Count Act, which overhauls Congress’ certification process for presidential elections. The Senate is aiming to pass gay marriage protections on Tuesday.

Biden pushed a message of unity after his fellow Democrats retained control of the U.S. Senate in Nov. 8 congressional elections, bucking history, media projections and pundits who warned voters cared more about gas prices than Biden’s warnings that equality and democracy were under threat.

Republicans won control of the House of Representatives, but the narrow margin gives the Biden White House more room to win approval for judicial and other nominees, and a better chance that Democrats can pass more Ukraine funding and domestic social programs.

The new Congress will convene in January.

Source: Biden convening congressional leaders to discuss legislative priorities -White House (msn.com)

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