June 22, 2024
2 years ago

DC Metro Caught Mocking “Back the Blue” Movement

DavesPaper.com | by Calvin Audibert | July 8, 2022

A live streamer that goes by the BCPreacher a.k.a www.OnAmericanStreets.com was filming another live streamer known as X-ray being arrested by the Washington DC Metro police late Thursday afternoon after an altercation happened between X-ray and two progressive American Marxists protestors.

As BCPreacher was making his way back after filming the Metro arrest, he captured the following:

If people are “Backing the Blue” as a way to secure a “Get Out Of Jail” card, people may want to rethink that assumption.

Many of the “good” police officers across America have quit, retired and been fired for refusing to take the COVID vaccine. Unfortunately, many of the law enforcement remaining are like the police officers captured by BCPreacher’s camera.