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@ Ground Zero In Kyiv, Ukraine

DavesPaper.com | by Vadim Pikus | February 23, 2022 11:27 AM EST

Dear friends,

I continue to inform you about the developments in Ukraine in connection with the Russian attack on Ukraine.

Situation at the front as of 17.00 on February 23, 2022.Since the beginning of the day, Russian troops have been shelling Ukrainian land with heavy weapons.

The Ukrainian military recorded 847 shells, hail missiles and 122-120 mm caliber mines. Compared to the previous day, the scale of the use of Hail missiles has significantly increased.

Ukrainian troops return fire.

Among the Ukrainian military are dead and wounded.

A decree was issued to call up reservists of the operational reserve of Ukraine.

Some government websites have been attacked in Ukraine today. In particular, the portals of the Verkhovna Rada, the Cabinet of Ministers, the Security Service of Ukraine and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are not open.

The order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on evacuation of medical institutions from Kyiv is sent to health care institutions. However, Minister Viktor Lyashko stressed that the reports were fake.

A similar fake order from the Ministry of Education and Science on student mobilization is circulating.

Newsweek reports that a large-scale invasion of Russia could begin within 48 hours.

The Embassy of the Russian Federation lowered flags from the embassy building in Kyiv, which is considered to be one of the final stages in the evacuation process. Prior to that, several days in the embassy and consulate burned documents right in the yard.

The US Embassy moved from the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, to Lvov. Now the embassy employees will live and spend the night in Poland, and during the day they will come and work in Lviv. To Lviv (this is a city in the West of Ukraine and away from the Russian Federation). Many embassies from different countries have already moved from the capital, Kyiv, to Lviv. The Australian Embassy also moved to Lviv, but now even left Lviv because of fear for the lives of its employees.

The embassies of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, the countries that have felt for themselves what the USSR is, remain in Ukraine, in Kyiv to the last. Embassies of many countries and representative offices of large companies also moved from Kyiv to Lvov.

I am with my family in Kyiv. Today at 19-00 we have a general meeting of the residents of our house in our yard, they will explain to us where we should run and where to hide in case of a bombardment.

The Japanese government has imposed sanctions on Russia for violating Ukraine’s sovereignty and international law. They concern the freezing of the assets of some Russians, as well as restrictions on travel to Japan.

The ambassador of Japan to Ukraine, who remained in Kyiv, was brought to him from Tokyo by his great-grandfather’s samurai sword and traditional armour. Disguised in them, he declared that the samurai must defend the country in which he is!

Former President of the United States Donald Trump expressed his admiration for the actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who recently recognized the “LPR” and “DPR” independent and officially allowed the introduction of Russian troops in the Donbass.

At the same time, Trump noted that if he were US president, Putin would not dare to launch an invasion of Ukraine.

Cher, a 75-year-old American singer, said she considered Russian President Vladimir Putin “a despot trying to revive the Soviet Union.”

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