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It’s ski season at Hermon Mountain Ski Area

WABI | by WABI News Desk | January 22, 2023

HERMON, Maine (WABI) – What do you do with all this snow? Well, with Monday’s storm on the way, and plenty of accumulation this past week, a local winter attraction is making the most of the season.

New Hermon Mountain Ski Area is open for business!

Whether you’re a newbie to the slopes, or a seasoned professional, crews have been hard at work making and managing snow for guests.

The resort offers lessons to those looking to learn, too.

”So this year isn’t as bad as we were thinking, it was just an awfully slow and a very hard start,” said Owner Bill Whitcomb. “It’s up and going now, there’s snow, natural snow and manmade snow, everybody’s having a good time, and away we go.”

And while the tubing portion of the mountain is not currently open, Whitcomb says he hopes it will be by next month.

Source: It’s ski season at Hermon Mountain Ski Area (wabi.tv)

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