May 30, 2024
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James Comer to present evidence of ‘criminal scheme’ involving Joe Biden and family

Washington Examiner | by Brady Knox | May 7, 2023

House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) claimed that the House has collected evidence showing the Biden family’s involvement in a “criminal scheme,” which will be presented on Wednesday.

He made the announcement in an appearance on Fox News on Sunday, on Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo. During his appearance, Comer alleged that he had compiled evidence purporting to show that President Joe Biden and eight other members of his family had received payments from the Chinese Communist Party in exchange for lobbying for Chinese interests. The payments and lobbying reportedly came during Biden’s time as vice president.

“Based on the fact that nine different Biden family members have been receiving payments from a web of LLCs that are receiving payments from adversaries around the world, this fits a pattern of questionable behavior that the Biden family members have been doing to receive funds,” Comer said. “So we take this whistleblower claim very seriously. We know it exists. We know the FBI has the document. I can tell you this, the Biden family have received a lot of payments from the Chinese Communist Party, from entities that are state-owned entities”

Comer announced that he had subpoenaed FBI Director Christopher Wray over a document that apparently shows direct evidence of then-Vice President Joe Biden receiving direct payments from a foreign national in exchange for policy decisions.

Joe Biden has periodically denied any wrongdoing in regard to his family’s business dealings, specifically regarding China. In March, he denied reports that his son, Hunter Biden, had received $1 million from a Chinese company, despite Hunter Biden’s lawyers admitting to the transaction.

The House Oversight Chair went on to say that he and Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) would hold a press conference on Wednesday, where they will present evidence to the public, including bank records, showing the Biden family’s dealing with foreign nationals, allegedly in return for influence on the government. He said the documents were obtained from a “highly credible” whistleblower.

“We don’t believe this was just a coincidence that all these Biden family members were receiving money from this web of LLCs into their personal bank accounts,” Comer said. “We believe this was done in exchange for something that then-vice President Biden and now-President Biden would have done. So this whistleblower is going to provide some very crucial information to our investigation, and we’ve given the FBI until May the 10th to produce this document. So the ball is in the FBI’s court with respect to this whistleblower.”

He added that he is “100%” certain that the document he is seeking exists.

Comer pleaded with the FBI not to indict Hunter Biden before Wednesday’s press conference. He believes such an indictment is possible and could be over an illegal weapon possession charge, the punishment for which would only be a “slap on the wrist.” Such an indictment would jeopardize the oversight committee’s investigation into the larger charge he will put forward on Wednesday.

Comer said that Wednesday’s briefing will clear the way for a Department of Justice investigation into the president and his family.

“Well, obviously, the president’s son’s committed many crimes, many crimes,” he said. “I mean, you’re looking at potential money laundering. Jonathan Turley comes on Fox all the time and talks about how he was essentially a foreign agent for countries like China. He’s an unregistered foreign agent. These are serious crimes. You’ve got the possible racketeering. I mean, the list goes on and on and on.

He continued, “We don’t believe these countries were paying the Biden family for nothing. If we believe they were getting a return on their investment, and the return on investment would have been policy decisions for then-Vice President Joe Biden and current President Joe Biden.”


He added that the totals spent in the scheme amounted to “millions and millions.”

Comer said that the DOJ has “a whole menu of options to go after this family” but should go after the larger charges, rather than a smaller gun charge, as it seems to be pursuing. He added that he doesn’t believe that the DOJ knows the full extent of the crimes.

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