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January 6, 2022

the Mark Levin Show | by Mark Levin | January 6, 2022
January 6, 2022

On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, the leadership of the Democrat party that supported the Klan, did nothing to stop lynching and created Jim Crow laws came together to disrespect the citizens and reject the Constitution on January 6. They disgustingly compared the Capitol riot to Pearl Harbor and the 9/11 attacks. Sadly, what we’re seeing with the press is party journalism. A media that is focused on advancing their political agenda instead of reporting the facts. They’ve made it their mission to destroy Donald Trump and everything related to him because he represents the hard-working people of this great country. The Marxist revolution is devouring every aspect of our culture and they don’t care who they dispirit or what they destroy in the process. Then, no members of Congress were hurt in the capitol riot, yet the media seems to omit that as they chant in unison on a purported attack on democracy. In his speech, President Biden said, that his critics only “obey the law when it’s convenient” forgetting that he stood quiet during the George Floyd riots and destruction of 2020. Later, thanks to the Democrats’ pro-crime policies crime waves continue growing in cities across America. Homicides rates are equally increasing as murders skyrocket, yet there isn’t a day of remembrance for the people, many of them minorities of color, that are dying in these Democrat-run cities. Finally, Author Mollie Hemingway joins the show to discuss how the media avoids their accountability on January 6.

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I had preparing you for this day all week long, laying out the facts, laying out the history. Both sides to the press as the Democrat Party as to propaganda. And I hope most of you tuned it out today. I hope most of you tuned it out. One day in history, maybe it’ll be 20 years from now, 50 years from now, 100 years from now, God knows. There will be sober circumspection and reflection on what’s taking place in this country and what’s taking place the last five years. And what it’s like not to have a free press. What it’s like to have a party that is totalitarian in the Democrat Party. This is very, very important to keep in mind. When we have a corrupt media that has demonstrated itself to be corrupt in many instances and for a long time. And a Democrat party that is anti-American from slavery on. He wrote a book not that long ago, was called On Freedom of the Press. And I talked about party journalism. Party journalism. And I pointed out in part that historian Harold Holzer describes the impact of party journalism. And its power to influence politics in the electric in the years before the civil war. They wrote, by the 1950s, almost no independent voters were left in America, only Democrats and Whigs, most of whom would later become Republicans, nearly all of them avid readers of newspapers, kept in a perpetual state of political arousal by journalism and further stimulated by election cycles that drew voters to polls several times a year, not just on the first Tuesday of November. The overwhelming majority regarded politics with a fervor that approach religious awakening, evoking interest characteristic of modern sports or entertainment. With only a few notable exceptions, few unaligned newspapers prosper. And I point out that, sadly, this sounds quite similar to the media environment today, in point of fact, the party press is back and with a vengeance. And of course, there are certain differences between the party press of old and its present day incarnation, but there’s no denying it’s reality. And while today’s editors and journalists are not on the payroll of the post office or other federal departments, as they had been in the past and are not subsidized by political parties, the revolving door of journalists and or their family members serving primarily in Democratic administrations. Democratic congressional office and Democratic campaigns and vice versa is a fact. The evidence of a progressive ideological mindset sympathetic to and supportive of the Democratic Party in which news is so said to be interpreted or analyzed or given context, and where social activism is an essential and overarching framework for reporting results in writing and broadcasting that mainly confirmed to the objectives, conformed to the objectives, policies and principles of the modern Democrat Party and their agenda. Importantly, unlike the early party press era, where newspapers lined up fairly evenly behind one party or the other, one candidate or another and transparently proclaimed their partisanship, the current party press also differs and that news outlets are overwhelmingly supportive of the Democratic Party, hostile to the Republican Party, particularly conservatives, and these days virtually invariably antagonistic to President Trump, his supporters and his policies. On January 15, 20, 18, veteran newsman and columnist Andrew Malcolm summed up the current sad state of American political journalism, as he put it, as so thoroughly and obviously anti Trump that it has inflamed and balkanize the public. In his piece titled Media Zanti Trump Addiction amps up the Outrage and Fuels the Public Suspicion, Malcolm observes that much of today’s political journalism has fallen into advocacy, intentionally inflammatory, using or omitting selective details, quotes and background to make a case against President Donald Trump. The criticism generally centers on something he did or said he would do or something someone usually unidentified said he might do or is considering possibly doing. And then in a kind of kabuki dance, journalists run to gather reaction from waiting opponents who provide a predictably outraged, quote, calling for a counterreaction. When media outlets and journalists conduct themselves this way, they deny Americans a set of generally accepted facts to debate, writes Malcolm, merely providing fodder for an anti Trump agenda and more argumentative ammo for both sides. The Washington media rightly claimed the duty to check presidential statements. Unfortunately, they couldn’t find the time or inclination to apply the same regimen to former President Obama’s words as they have imposed on Trump’s. Otherwise, Obama would have been called out for the 36 times he promised we could keep our doctor and health plan, that countless specialists claims that al-Qaeda was on the run. The false suggestion that Russia was no longer a strategic competitor and the laughable claim that his administration experienced no scandals during its entire term. And one reporting on Democratic president and his on the president and a progressive agenda, the same newsrooms and reporters take a very different approach. That’s because, writes Malcolm, the D.C. media, by and large, sympathize with Obama’s election and policies. While the election of an African-American was historic was not the historically shocking upset that Trump’s base delivered them and us and upset that far too many political journalists have been unable to digest, they’re allowed to corrupt their professionalism. And I add, moreover, press reports are filled with headlines and breaking news akin to supermarket tabloids the public is subjected to daily, if not hourly hype about news reports and alerts, often based on wishful thinking, speculation, partisan advocacy, anonymous sources outright lies. Virtually anyone with a gripe against Trump is treated as a newsmaker and repeatedly provided multiple national media formats and platforms to air their criticisms. The list is too long and the examples too numerous to reproduce here. But there are many. Stormy Daniels. Michael Avernati. Oh, yes, many more, Amoroso, Nouman. Michael Wolff. Bob Woodward. And there’s the endless press drumbeat about or more like cheerleading for Trump’s imminent demise. Because that’s what they want, that’s what they pushed for, that’s what they promoted. The press have been campaigning alongside Democratic politicians, officials, consultants and surrogates for Trump’s impeachment since even before his nomination, even before his nomination. Now, Peachment reported as a foregone conclusion at the time, there was also non-stop media speculation about indeed advocacy for the indictment of President Trump by the special counsel, Robert Mueller. But the United States U.S. attorney’s office in the Southern District, all based on nothing but lies. Lies. It even the tone of the press and reporting on President Trump has reached a level of invective never excuse me, rarely seen in politics. Trump has repeatedly referred to her impliedly compared to a fascist dictator, a neo-Nazi white supremacist, racist, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini and various news outlets and media platforms by their journalists pay commentators and invited guests. And these unhinged and shameful characterizations and rants are so numerous, they are also difficult to list, yet easily searchable and profuse on the Internet. And I go on. The media pack Malev Insley toward President Trump and his party belies the press’s self-serving claims of professionalism and high standards. Rather, it’s every bit as tawdry or worse than the party press journalism of the early eighteen hundreds, which they claim to frown upon. And indeed, during the Trump presidency, the press has engaged in lies, distortions, sloppiness and overall malpractice to an extent previously unseen in modern times. At some believable, actually. Well, I’m not going to read you the whole book, you can read it yourselves, and you will also see how the media today are made up. Of overwhelming number of Democrats, radical left advocates. And activists that their entire purpose has has evolved or devolved into something that is. Really quite unconscionable as advocates. For their cause. And then when you see this, I want to remind you of the overarching view. This American Marxist force that we that we face and as I pointed out in American Marxism, the kind of revolution of the American Revolution is in full force, can no longer be dismissed or ignored, for it is devouring our society and culture, swirling around our everyday lives and ubiquitous in our politics, schools, media and entertainment. And once they mostly unrelatable fringe in subterranean movement. It is here, it is everywhere. And you, your children and your grandchildren are now immersed in it and it threatens to destroy the greatest nation ever established along with your freedom, family and security. The primary difference between the counter-revolution and the American Revolution is that the former seeks to destroy American society and oppose autocratic rule, and the latter sought to protect American society and institute representative government. The counterrevolution or movement of which I speak as Marxism. American Marxism, that’s what it is, period. In America, many Marxists cloaked themselves in phrases like progressive, democratic, socialist, social activists, community activists, most Americans remain openly hostile to the name Marxism, so they try to avoid it. They operate under myriad newly minted organizational or identifying nomenclature such as Black Lives Matter and Teach for the Squad, etc.. They claim to promote economic justice, environmental justice, racial equity, gender equity, etc. They’ve invented new theories like critical race theory and phrases and terminologies linked to it or fit into a Marxist construct. They claim the dominant culture, quote unquote, and capitalist system are unjust and inequitable, racist and sexist, colonialist and imperialist, materialistic and destructive of the environment. Of course, the purpose is to tear down and tear apart the nation for a thousand reasons and in a thousand ways, thereby dispiriting and demoralizing the public, undermining the citizenry’s confidence in the nation’s institutions, traditions and customs, creating one calamity after another, weakening the nation from within, and ultimately destroying what we know as American Republicanism and capitalism. And today. These reprobates. These malcontents. These miscreants come together. Today, the leadership of a party. That defended and promoted and advanced slavery. And segregation. And Jim Crow poll taxes and literacy tests, unending inhumanity, a party. That colluded with the Klan, a party that would not reject lynchings until the 1920s. A party that today stands against Americanism, against the Constitution, against the principles and the Declaration of Independence. A party today. Who disrespects and disregards the individual citizen and their interests. A party today that wants to fundamentally transform our society without the support of the society. That rejects separation of powers, that rejects an independent judiciary. That party today. Claims to stand for the rule of law and the Constitution as it tries to fill the federal judiciary. With one radical Marxist after another. That party today says to respect the vote of the people. As it tries to pack ballot box after ballot box across the nation by nationalizing the election procedures, not to improve and advance voting for people who don’t have a chance to vote, but to destroy. To destroy the voting system altogether. To nationalize the power of the Democrat Party in every corner of this country, regardless of half the country, says no. That’s. Today, January six. To listen to Joe Biden. A man that has done enormous damage to this country, open borders today. A man who supported segregation and rejected integration. We get to listen to him today. Kamala Harris, who compares January six to the men and women who died in a burning inferno in that tower is the World Trade Center or jumped to their deaths or died in airplanes in central Pennsylvania at the Pentagon. And so far, she dares to compare January 6th to that. Or the Pearl Harbor. My God, these people are disgusting. I’ll be right back.

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Pointed out some time ago. As mentioned in the piece by Cal Thomas. The Democrats voted against every piece of civil rights legislation in Congress from 1866 to 1966. Congressional Democrats oppose the 13th Amendment, which officially freed the slaves in 1865, only four Democrats voted for it. Republicans passed the 14th Amendment in 1866 were granted American citizenship to former slaves. Not one of the 56 congressional Democrats voted for the 15th Amendment in 1869, which gave former slaves the right to vote. Republicans backed all the civil rights laws of the eighteen sixties, including the Civil Rights Act of 1866 and the Reconstruction Act of 1867. Their party was founded on an anti slavery platform. John Kennedy was hesitant about the civil rights agenda. Early on, he was afraid he would lose Democrat votes. And then, of course, after his assassination, Johnson claimed that Kennedy was passionately for civil rights. But it was the Republicans who ensured that the Civil Rights Act of 64 and 65 act.

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We will have Mollie Hemingway on the program an hour three of that fantastic book rigged to discuss January 6th. January six is a nothing day. It’s a pseudo event. The truth is that the count by Congress was never endangered. But this was not an armed insurrection. Not a single member of Congress was directly harmed. And so it has nothing in common. With an armed insurrection, but I will say this. These same people who speak out today. Did not speak out against the violence all summer long. In the summer of 2020. How many of them spoke out as aggressively? Against the Black Lives Matter, antifa violence, the violence against police officers, the burning of cities, the looting of small businesses, many owned by minorities. The killing of fellow human beings. And the assault on nearly 12,000 police officers. What exactly? What exactly did you hear? Joe Biden say almost nothing. Almost nothing. What exactly did you hear Kamala Harris say, well. Actions are louder than words, as they say, and she was making contributions. To provide bail to as many of these violent rioters as possible. What were the Democrat mayors doing? They were slashing their police budgets. They were using BLM or Black Lives Matter and painting it on major boulevards. And Broadways. In their streets. The media, the media was censoring the truth about these organizations as they promoted them. And advance their causes. Of trashing police, there lies about systemic racism in this society, including among the police. These are the same people who are rallying today. To try to convince people who are uninformed and unengaged. That we face the greatest threat since the Civil War on January 6th of last year. But all they’re doing. Is trying to use this event. Trying to use this event. To damage their political opposition, this is what they’re always about, power. They have so-called historians that they cherry pick. Who they know will say what they want them to say in advance. We know what these phony media platforms are going to do in advance. They bring in certain representatives who they know will say what they want them to say. It’s propaganda, pure and simple. Propaganda. When a nation does not have a free press that is in grave danger, as I’ve pointed out time and again here in unfreedom, in the press and before on freedom of the press, we do not have. A legitimate press in America. Here’s a montage tage hat tip news busters media say January six, that’s a threat to democracy in the next election won’t be fair. The only fair elections for the Democrats is the ones they win. Count one, go The New York Times editorial board marking the New Year with this dire warning writing, quote, January six is not in the past. It is every day the republic faces an existential threat from a movement that is openly contemptuous of democracy. Why would you quote The New York Times? When it has a heinous, evil record of defending genocide and genocidal dictators, why would you quote The New York Times? The other media follow The New York Times, like The New York Times is a pied piper. Go ahead. January 6th was the end of something, but you believe January six was the beginning of something, January 6th never ended and a lot of ways it’s ongoing. This is a January six that’s happening every single day on the local level that is slowly tearing apart our democracy. Yet one party that’s being led by Trump here that seems to be trying to delegitimize our democracy, there remains you see you see it’s the same reporters. The same reporters. For the last five years, we’ve done everything possible to advance the agenda. The American Marxist, these are all Democrats, all of them. Either officially you’re on or if they’re all Democrats, pushing the same agenda today. Go ahead. Clear and present danger to our democracy, very serious threat to our democracy, threat to American democracy, threat to democracy, the democratic insurgency is already here. We face a serious risk that American democracy, as we know it, will come to an end in 2024. But urgent action is not happening. That’s a direct through line between what we saw on January 6th and this issue of voting rights. These two things are reporters or reporters. Commentators. Go ahead. Other issue we want to deal with is contingent on whether or not voting rights and whether our democracy exists in this country. Whatever happened to the push in Congress to secure voting rights? It’s now up to Democrats in Congress to act and save it. Time is running out. There are serious concerns among a lot of political experts, a lot of national security experts, a lot of journalists that the next election won’t be fair. If you have a significant win for Trump led Republican Party means that 2024 is going to be seen as illegitimate and potentially a constitutional crisis. So if Trump wins and wins big constitutional crisis, they’re already telling us what they’re going to do. The media are destroying this country because they are the mouthpieces. They are the propagandists. For these various Marxist movements and the Democrat Party. You’ve seen this Douglas Brinkley before, he’s even been on Fox when he has a book out here, he’s a clown. He’s a clown. And I’m going to prove it to you. Here he is on Melasti today. And again, remember, these so-called historians are picked for a specific reason, cut to go. But we have film footage of what happened on January 6th. We have proof Dwight Eisenhower during World War Two made sure all the Holocaust camps were filmed. So we’ve got the film footage. So now we’re combating. What does that have to do with January six? The Holocaust. And ladies and gentlemen, just to show you what kind of a low IQ buffoon this Douglas Brinkley is. On the airwaves here, I’ve been saying, why won’t they release all the footage, they won’t. I know quite well what Dwight Eisenhower did, and he insisted that all the media report on what took place when they were going through these concentration, these death camps. But this administration won’t release all the video. But again, to compare this to the Holocaust. Go ahead, theorist’s deniers and some tears, but my worry is, what do we call this and make sure we we honor this day, this dark stain day every year. So we’ve got to keep saying January six. I think it is like December seven, Pearl Harbor. It is like the 9/11 tragedy. I wonder if all those families who lost brave men when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Now, World War Two broke open. Are all those families that lost? Innocent family members on 9/11 think that January 6th was the same. This is so appalling. And listen, listen, Hely, he talks as if. He’s talking for the enemy in World War Two, we’ve got to keep reminding people about January six. In other words, the big lie must be perpetuated. None of these people cared about the riots. Now, 2020, summer. None of these people spoke out. None of these people asked for hearings. Another so-called presidential historian, Mark Up the Grove, amazingly winds up on ABC today. Cut three go, you know, you have to contextualize moments like this in order to cement history, in order to cement history, in other words, to cement a narrative and to cement propaganda. Now, wait till you hear this guy. Go ahead. Lincoln at Gettysburg, Lincoln went back to that hallowed Baule battleground and he talked about what it all meant not only on that day, but for the future of this nation. And he did so a thousand casualties. At Gettysburg. It’s interesting, he brings up Gettysburg’s something, the critical race theory cukes nuts. Never bring up Lincoln or Gettysburg. They even invoked Lincoln and Gettysburg while they embrace. An ideology that rejects Lincoln and what took place at Gettysburg is anything but whites fighting among whites. Lincoln. At Gettysburg. So this is Gettysburg. To 9/11, to Pearl Harbor, it’s the Holocaust. Go ahead. That’s the kind of speech that Biden had to make today, we’re at a crossroads in our country. There was no certainty, somebody whispering to him, did you hear that, Mr.. Come on, I had to pay. Keep going, that’s is good. Really good. He goes on, cut for I go. Joe Biden needed to deliver a powerful statement about democracy today. This was FDR after Pearl Harbor. This is Lyndon Johnson after Selma. This is George W. Bush after 9/11. Really? Really. It’s Selma. These people are sick. They were caught up in their own propaganda. SEK. Joe Biden gave a speech he’s going to stand. Against this, he will stand single handedly if he must. The man can barely stand when he’s taken a leak, may I say, with all due respect. The man who cost the lives of 13 red blooded American Yanks in Afghanistan. 13. Who has blood on his hands, who left American citizens in Afghanistan, who left American allies in Afghanistan who are no doubt facing all kinds of torture? And so for what happened, all those kids, those American kids that were in Afghanistan. What does this historian say about that? What do the media say about that? We got our man, Mark Updegrave, presidential historian. Go ahead. He wasn’t able to make a statement after after January 6th, he waited for his inauguration and he wanted to unite the nation. So he really didn’t dwell on what had happened. Is this guy really should be on Joe Biden’s staff. U.S. presidential historian. He’s a Bagnasco, sir. More when I return

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So did the Tokyo Rose of the media today, except Tokyo Rose, you knew where she stood. Tuck, Tuck, Chuck believes are pretends that he doesn’t. And here he is today, cut five go and I’ll tell you this, if you think that speech was partisan, then you believe the former president flies. It’s only a partisan speech if you think there’s somehow and and a truthful dispute here. If you’re pro democracy and pro America, it is hard to look at that speech and say, oh, it’s politically skewed. And and to see today, some elected Republicans try to have it both ways, condemning what happened on January 6th, but then trying to memory hole how we got to January six and instead try to play politics with it. I think it just shows you, unfortunately, how powerful the former president’s hold is on approximately 30 to 40 percent of the American people. This is really. This guy is a clown. We’re going to be burdened with a man like this or a child like this. For years to come, because corporate America subsidizes them and gives them a platform much like Joy Reid. So if you have a problem with Biden and Biden’s speech, then there’s something wrong with you. Does anybody remember Chuck Todd speaking out aggressively? Against the riots. Against the assaults. Against the killings in the summer of 20-20. Does anybody? The same media, it’s the same media they covered up Hunter Biden, the same media that pushed Russia collusion. They are undermining this country when you take a low IQ political hack. And put them in a position. Which you claim to advertise as a news position. You do grave damage to this country. Grave damage to this country, and that’s that’s Chuck Todd. And that’s the problem. I remember when Chuck Schumer was threatening members of the Supreme Court that they either ruled the way he wants them to rule on illegal immigration or else remember. Whatever happened to the ethics complaint against the Schmucks after? It died a quiet death. So he goes to the Senate floor and he burps to CuDeco, so we cannot it should not be a partisan issue. It’s about falsehood versus truth in the history of this country. We have always disagreed on ideology, but never on facts or never on facts. You’re such a putz. Go ahead. Until recently and in such an important area, if lying about results of an election is acceptable, if instigating a mob against the government is considered premature, let’s just stop, stop, stop. Why is there an investigation going on since we’re already hanging Donald Trump and his people? You hear these speeches. What’s the point? We know the point. But I’m just saying as a as a rational matter, that conducting an investigation where they’re accusing the president of the United States of leading a mob and an insurrection when none of that happened. I’ll be right back..

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