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Jill Tells Unvaxxed Guests, Don’t Eat, Drink, or Talk

Louder With Crowder | by Brodigan | March 22, 2022

Erika Donalds is married to Rep. Byron Donalds, a favorite of ours here at the Louder with Crowder Dot Com website. Jill Biden is married to Joe Biden, a nincompoop with rice pudding for brains and the nuclear codes. Jill–excuse me–DOCTOR Jill invited the wives over for a luncheon. You would think it was a nice gesture. Finger sandwiches. Skinny margs. Playing F/M/K with Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Justin Trudeau, and Brian Stelter. But that would only be for a certain class of people. As Mrs. Donalds points out, a lower class of people has restrictions on how hardy they can party.

“First Lady Jill Biden was kind enough to invite me & the other Congressional spouses to a reception at the White House. I just have to take a COVID test, & as an unvaccinated person (with natural immunity) I won’t be allowed to eat, drink, or talk to anyone. Should be a blast!”

Also, the unvaxxed needs to wear a mask at all times. Because Jill Biden parties like it’s 2020.

We know the old guy isn’t the healthiest president in the world. Why not just say no unvaccinated allowed? That would be less offensive than to say unvaxxed are welcome, but they just can’t eat or drink anything or talk to anyone. They just have to stand six feet away from all other guests while wearing a mask in complete silence. Ten bucks say DOCTOR Jill has a WH intern walking around with two yardsticks to be sure.

It’s as if DOCTOR Jill thought her soiree would be the most sought-after ticket in DC, people would be rushing to get all three of their arm jabs just to intend. Instead, if it were me, I’d just get together with the other unvaxxed wives and hit happy hour at Applebee’s. Maybe Mrs. Donalds can have the gals over for Taco Tuesday and make the vaxxed ones stand outside.

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Source: Jill Biden Throws Party, Unvaxxed Can’t Eat or Drink – Louder With Crowder

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