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Michigan Freedom Caucus Demands Imposition of ‘God’s Justice’ on ‘War Criminal’ Pfizer at Anti-Corruption Rally

Big League Politics | by Shane Trejo | February 6, 2023

Members of the Michigan Freedom Caucus demanded the imposition of “the Lord’s Justice” on the “evil empire” of Pfizer, also called “worse than war criminals” by caucus leadership.

A rally took place in Kalamazoo, Mich. outside of the Pfizer complex on Monday morning with over 150 attendees. The vaccine-hesitant activist organization, Michigan for Vaccine Choice, led the rally and it featured state representatives part of the Michigan Freedom Caucus and their close allies. The rally occurred to draw additional attention on the Project Veritas revelations of an executive admitting how the company is mutating viruses to create new vaccines.

The Republican lawmakers made it clear that Pfizer along with the evil system that coddles the Big Pharma giant is the enemy of the people.

“Your vaccine is clearly killing people while giving others life-long health problems like myocarditis, infertility and organ failure… [Pfizer CEO] Mr. Bourla, are you in fact doing gain-of-function research? Are you mutating the virus as was suggested by your lead researcher?” asked Rep. Jim DeSana of Ash Township.

“We cry out for the Lord’s justice, and we pray that it will be enacted here in this place at Pfizer. We know that ultimately His justice will roll down upon us all. He will wipe away all the lies, all the half truths, all the evil attitudes, all the using of people just to make a buck, or in this case, billions of bucks. We cry out now for the world to look to the cross of Jesus. It is there and only there where we can find true justice and forgiveness,” said Rep. Joseph Fox of Newaygo.

“While our citizens have suffered the past three years, a select few have stood to reap the rewards. While thousands of our beautiful people, lost their businesses, died tragically in nursing homes, and even took their own lives due to the pain and suffering inflicted upon us, Pfizer and their allies raked in billions and billions of dollars,” said Rep. Neil Friske of Charlevoix.

“They lied about masks and masking. They lied about social distancing. They lied about contact tracing. They lied about needing to shut down our schools and our churches too. They said we couldn’t see our seniors, and they died of loneliness. And we now learn they lied about the vaccines too. They lied to us about the vaccine’s effectiveness. They lied about the need to mandate them. They lied and said it was safe for pregnant women. They lied when they said it wouldn’t kill unborn babies too… These people, these Pfizer fascists, are worse than war criminals,” said Rep. Matt Maddock of Milford.

“This is a national emergency. They say COVID is a national emergency? No, I say Pfizer and its products are a national emergency. So please, stay vigilant and hold their feet to the fire,” said Rep. Angela Rigas of Caledonia.

“I believe we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, of the medical-industrial complex. They have gained too much power. We need to hold them accountable,” said Sen. Jonathan Lindsey of Coldwater.

“My community has questions. Michigan has questions. Our nation has questions. The world has questions. And we demand answers,” said Rep. Steve Carra of Three Rivers, who serves as the Chairman of the Michigan Freedom Caucus.

Source: Michigan Freedom Caucus Demands Imposition of ‘God’s Justice’ on ‘War Criminal’ Pfizer at Anti-Corruption Rally – Big League Politics

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