June 9, 2024

Patriot Music Videos

- Patriot Music Videos -

You will find music videos here that are about  what we call the Great American Experiment.  Some videos are rally cries for patriots, others remind us what America is about.  Political news and messaging does not have to be like sitting in a two hour college lecture.  Forgiato Blow, J360, Tim McGraw, OverTime with Caleab Jacobson and all other the other great music artists here prove that!

We hope you enjoy these as much as we do and encourage you to take a stand and get involved.  

Star-Spangled Banner

by   Aiden Fisher

Star-Spangled Banner - Soldiers On The Sound

One Nation Under God

by   President Ronald Reagan

America The Beautiful

 by Ray Charles

My Town

Red Skelton's Pledge of Allegiance

From 1969 telecast of “The Red Skelton Show”.

Ragged Old Flag

by Johnny Cash


Divided We Fall

 by OverTime

Divided We Fall by OverTime feat. Caleb Jacobson.

Dear Biden

Pass Me The Ammo

Living In The Promiseland

God Bless The USA

  by Lee Greenwood

Star Spangled Banner - Forgiato Blow x Bezz Believe x Bryson Gray

by  Forgiato Blow  

Not My President

  by  Forgiato Blow  

Freedom Train! Donald Trump for President

by Laura Ruiz/Tony Ruiz

After reading Late Bird by Jason Kraus, Laura was inspired to write the song Freedom Train.   After her friend, Brad Counts helped her tweek the lyrics, this was the result.   Be inspired American patriots and get on the Freedom Train!! And be sure and read the book Late Bird. http://www.amazon.com/Late-Bird-Jason… 

No Vaccine

  by  Forgiato Blow  

Living in the Promiseland

by Joe Cocker


Courtesy Of The Red, White and Blue (The Angry American)

Heaven Is Full

by Savannah Craven


by Forgiato Blow 

 Text 1776 Now To (866) 458-2239 Don’t Let Them Ban Me. Im Only Texting Patriots When I Drop   

This Place Called USA

I Fought For You

 by “The Sound Tank”

Some Gave All

Patriot Sweep

by  Forgiato Blow 

Ashli Babbitt

by Forgiato Blow 

 Text 1776 Now To (866) 458-2239 Don’t Let Them Ban Me. Im Only Texting Patriots When I Drop   

The Ones That Didn't Make It Back Home

by Justin Moore 

Banned In America

by Forgiato Blow 

 Text 1776 Now To (866) 458-2239 Don’t Let Them Ban Me. Im Only Texting Patriots When I Drop   


by   Tim McGraw

That's Important To Me

by  rory feek

People Are Crazy

Meanwhile Back At Mama's

by   Tim McGraw

The House That Built Me

I Called Mama

by   Tim McGraw

When I get To Where I'm Going


7 Year-Old Crushes National Anthem

That's Something To Be Proud Of

The Star Spangled Banner

Summer's End

John Wayne Speaks To America

Star-Spangled Banner

There She Stands

Right To Bear

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